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Sunday, May 8th at Arapahoe

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My company, ListenUp will be doing a beach party on Sunday. ( I hope it doesn't turn into a rainstorm!) Any Bears going to be up? Let me know and we can meet. LewBob
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I am hoping to be there; I may not be up until about 10:00. Are they expecting rain? I was kind of hoping for more snow! I was there on Thursday and conditions were great.
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dp, Sorry I missed you. Had to cancel last minute due to children issues. I spent the day doing Mother's Day things for my wife (who was going to go skiing). The prospect of rain didn't make it too tough on me. I've got to getup one more time... Lew
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The skiing was really good,- great new snow, not too heavy, especially considering it is May, but the visibility on the upper mountain was awful. Going up on Lenawee lift there were times that you could only see one chair in front of you, and I actually got a bit of vertigo at one point coming down. The sun broke through a few times which was glorious.

See you next time- I am not sure what my next day will be, as I do not have another 1st call day until May 29 (off the 30th), and will either be on 2nd call or out of town the next 2 sundays. I'm going to try and get at least 1 midweek day off before then.
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dp, Where do you live? I am out South-Orchard and Holly. I usually have Sunday and MOnday off, but have activities with family now on Wed the rest of the spring. I may take a vacation day if we get some good conditions again. Lew
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I'm not that far from you- Bayaud and Dahlia (Hilltop). If there is a really light day in the OR I might be able to get a day off, too. Let's keep in touch. I am not ready to hang them up yet!
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