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Wool Cycling Shirts

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What do you guys think of those "new wool" cycling shirt made by companies like Ibex? Are they more comfortable, cooler and better smelling than the high-tech fibers?
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I've been wondering the same thing. I know I love my thin smartwool sport socks for cycling - so maybe a jersey might be worth a try?
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They're OK, but I find that I don't wear mine much. The other fabrics feel better, I just wear the wool if I am feeling nostalgic.
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I wear an Ibex Flint t-shirt as a base layer for skiing and I find it very comfortable temperature regulating-wise, but I notice sometimes the underarms can get a bit irritated but that could just be a reaction to the aluminum in deodorant. So, that's my only hesitation for a wool cycling shirt.
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well I was riding back when wool shorts were the only choice.... they were nice then and are no doubt better now.... but I like my Lycra
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nothing like under armour heat gear, imo...
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I still have some old Swobo wool jerseys... eh... hopefully they've gotten better
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the synthetic polyfabs perform better in all conditions.

wool's selling points:

1) natural
2) doesn't retain the funk
3) doesn't have that wicked need to be static-laden and clingy to the wearer
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