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Happy Birthday, Ott - Page 2

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Shones Geburtstag gedankin katrinkin!

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>>>Ott, its great to see you whenever you turn up. Don't be a stranger, and of course, happy birthday.<<<


Cirquerider, I posted an answer to you in the General Ski Forum but I'll repeat it here:


>>>How has your season been?  It has been a long time since we heard from you, and I hope you still found some redemption in Ohio's winter.  I'm looking forward to May 6, and your 79th. year of Epic Skiing.<<<


Well, May 6th went by a couple of weeks ago and being 79 isn't by far as bad as I thought it would be a few years ago, besides what can you do?


About a dozen years ago or so my friend Bob Barnes urged me to try the new shaped skis allowing me to carve a lot easier. I wasn't so sure, having read about celebrities and others hitting trees and locally observing a few skiers with the new skis skiing into a fence at the side of the slope. They started the carve OK but in the last part of the turn they would sit back and ride the tails, unable to get off edge and start a new turn.


But I relented. I was skiing 205 strait so I bought Atomic Beta Carve 26  in 200 cm length.Base to base with my old skis they were the same width underfoot and a mere one quarter in wider at the shovel, one eight inch on each side and only one eight of an inch at the tail. So in a pure carve the radius is over 90 feet left turn and the same for the right turn, that takes a slope a couple hundred feet wide to to make pure carved turns, and the terrain had to fairly steep to sustain the speed to not fall off the edges.


Going to 170s corrected that and I was happy for several years but when I turned 75 I bought a pair of 150/11 on ebay and they have done well by me.

We had a great snow winter in the east and midwest and I got out most days the sun was shining.


I am healthy and I intend to at least make it through next season, maybe even beyond. The new ski technology has added years to the skiing life of older people, thanks Bob.



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Happy birthday, Ott. We have missed you!

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So if I happen to be riding through Peninsula this summer, any chance we can meet and say hi?


I'll be on a blue bike



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Ott, you are such a breath of fresh air when you blow through.  Hope you're wedeln your life away!


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Happy Birthday!  Many Happy Turns Ahead!!!!  ((





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Ott--truly great to hear from you! I miss your regular posting around here, but I'm glad to hear that you've had some good skiing this season. I hope you're enjoying spring, and that you have plans for a fine summer!


Best regards,


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Cirquerider, absolutely, just give me a call at 330-699-3593. It would be such a pleasure to meet you in have a big bike trip planned I presume.



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Hi Bob, though I don't post much anymore since there are better qualified folks here to answer questions, I do read the forum now and then.


It doesn't seem to quit raining around here, the weather is real quirky, April had just four dry days. The price of diesel fuel has greatly restricted the distance we travel with our RV, though just a year ago we did head for Arizona but headed back from there after Ann had a bout with extreme muscle cramps in her back and shoulder that took a 3 AM trip to the hospital in Gallup NM. We got our rubber roof stripped off the 5th-wheel by near tornado strength winds winds in Oklahoma and after the repair bill and the fuel cost we decided no more long trips.


How are you going to spend the off-season, are you still doing fishing trips? You are such a great photographer, I hope you can make some money with that, it just takes some advertising.


All the best to you,



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