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Originally Posted by LeeLau
www.telemarktips.com for not just tele but anything Backcountry. Lots of avvy related information
Probably the best site on the web for BC TR's.

Well worth checking out, despite the fact that the whole site stinks of patchouli.

(thanks for not slamming tgr, we have our thing and we like it)
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Oh, did I miss a mention of ski.com.au?

Probably the busiest ski site on the web.

Crazy Aussies.
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I spend a lot of time over at http://www.skiersboard.net Fun forum, really casual, no flaming, good community. Have ended up with great deals and info from some of the members (ie; gear, tuning stuff, etc). Really like their free photo gallery.

....I should probably say that I'm a moderator there too so I'm somewhat biased

Have to second WTFH's recommendation on snowheads too. Great place.
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I'm certainly biased, but for Northeast-U.S. skiing, I think we do it best:

Northeast skiing and hiking forums, trip reports, images, trips/events: http://forums.alpinezone.com/
Northeast ski area profiles, conditions, etc: http://skiing.alpinezone.com/
Northeast skiing news: http://news.alpinezone.com/

We're also home to the popular AlpineZone Ski Area Challenge - http://skiing.alpinezone.com/articles/challenge/ - a program where we pass along questions from our forum members to ski area reps in the area and then publish their responses. It's kind of a unique way to connect local skiers with reps in the industry. We're currently requesting questions for Mad River Glen.

I've been running AZ since 1998 and last fall I launched COskiing.com. It's starting off slowly, but I hope it will evolve into an AZ-like site for Colorado skiers.
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Originally Posted by jackwan1
Skiing is Big in Japan and Korea, Japan has about 70-100 resorts and Korea has about 15 resorts. China has many small ones perhaps 100, but only about 10 is worth any while. Besides, there are no less than 15 indoor ski areas in Japan and 2 in China.

Sorry, no time to translate any thing for you, the Hong Knog and Taiwan(two non snow countries) ski forums are active, with about half of the message volume as Epicski. They all look up to Epic and TGR for guidance. They are all very active in reading the messages over here, but they are not very vocal. China has tons of discussion forums, but they are not very technical as the sport is in its infancy over there.

OTOH, Japan and Korea have many die hart followers, their forums and web sites which I have little ability to read (mostly guessing) are so active perhaps they will rival Epicski or TGR.
Actually there are over 600 resorts in Japan. The main english site for news and resort conditions is www.snowjapan.com .
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I scanned all of the sites, but I didn't see U.S. Skiing which is a great site to look over just about every ski area in the US. Also there is a related site for Canada that you can navigate to through links on the US site. I imagine someone posted it and I missed it, but here it is anyway: http://www.usskiing.com/
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Tahoe Review

New site that plans to provide all around reviews on Tahoe Ski Conditions and Tahoe stuff.

There is a funny article on Alpine Meadows corporate policies:
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great thread

Originally Posted by nolo
Keep them coming--let's start with an inventory of any and all skiing related sites and then we can select the BEST for the A List.
wow what a great thread.... can we please get the "A list" posted permanently for handy reference when the thread runs out??( a "links" header perhaps?)....this is great stuff!!! The "A list" in my book would be any site that is active and has been mentioned here....almost all of it is fun....esp the offshore stuff. Thanks!
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Originally Posted by checkracer
I have (unfortunately not at home just now, so no details possible) one issue of the SKEE mag. The cover page looks much better and the whole mag is on very expensive paper.
The seriousness of the attitude is exactly my observation. Knowing the skyrocketing numbers of skiers and ski areas as well as the interest of the manufacturers and businesspeople it´s no surprise.

Btw, the leading European Sports Show, ISPO Munich, organized the first ISPO China in March.
Just imagine only one percent of Chinese population (1.3 billion) skiing...
Afaik, in countries where skiing has some tradition and suitable conditions it´s usually about 5%...

The skee site is at http://www.3-s.cn/bbs/index.jsp

I have been frequent over there for about 2 weeks, it is amazing that site opened for its business at the end of November 2004 and now they have 18,000+ posts with 630+ members. :
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Thread Starter 
can we please get the "A list" posted permanently for handy reference when the thread runs out??( a "links" header perhaps?)
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For ski resort business news

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Originally Posted by Jamesj
...and www.skimaps.com

For ski info with a New England slant (esp. forum): www.snowjournal.com
www.skimaps.com is no longer in operation. They are looking for a new person/group to maintain it. The person who runs www.snowjournal.com was running it, but is no longer.
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Pretty comprehensive list.
My personal favourites ski club GB and snow-forecast are already listed.
One more for the tourers/backcountry addicts heading to France http://www.pistehors.com/
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I know Aspect Journal has been discussed in these forums, but I didn't see it mentioned in this thread. Short stories (fiction or creative type writing, literary almost or what?). Not sure what it's called, short stories I think. Fun to read. Gets to the soul of skiing often. aspectjournal.com
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The best site to compliment epicski.com


The best site to compliment EpicSki.com
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Seeing as though the Australian Ski Season officially started a couple of days ago and that we are expecting our first, small, snowfall tonight. I thought I would post some 'Aussie' related stuff.

General Info:
Victorian Snow Report
New South Wales Snowsports Association
Snowy Mountains Holiday Center


Alpine Skiing
Falls Creek
Mt Buller
Mt Hotham
Mt Baw Baw
Mt Buffalo

Lake Mountain
Mt Stirling

New South Wales
Perisher Blue
Selwyn Snowfields
Charlotte Pass
Smiggin Holes

Mt Mawson
Ben Lomond National Park

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I just scrolled through all of this and didn't see http://tognar.com/ for ski tuning tools and a large tuning tips section.
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This site combines ski maps, reports, weather conditions etc and puts them all on a google map. Its nicely done and very useful. Its also fun to play around with.

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Lets not to forget the "instruction" related web sites. I love moguls so I have this marked:


Any other suggestions are welcomed.
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Lots of good info here. It is interesting that no one has cited any of the ski magazine web sites as useful places to go. Probably becasue they aren't very good. Have the magazines (in print form) become superfluous now that people are relying on on-line info and sites like this one and the ones listed here to get current, credible content? It seems to me that if I want hard, objective input about ski products and where to ski, the last place I look is at a ski magazine. They sell a skiing lifestyle and attitude, but there's darn little useful meat on their bones. I like to look at the cool ski photos in the magazines, but they all start to look the same after a while.....face shot, big air, blue sky, big mountain, hey, that guy's flying though the air upsidedown and backwards.... Their ski tests don't appear to have much credibility in these parts nor among those people who are intimately involved in skiing who post here. It seems that the industry is (as always) talking to itself in the consumer magazines and trying to convince one another that they are more core with the hot, wide-plank crowd than the next guy. It leaves the rank and file, lift ticket buying skiers on the outside looking in (with some degree of envy and aspiration the magazines suppose) at the big mountain rippers and twin tipped jibbers. If I go to any ski area, I see a lot of not very good skiers just out having fun and few locals working very hard at being, well....local. The magazines are always trying to sell the dream, but I don't think they have a good handle on what that dream is for most of the skiers on the hill. Since all of the main ski pubs are owned by big publishing conglomerates, they are quite removed from the skier on the hill and the people working in retail ski shops. Instead they tend to focus on the market as envisoned by their advertisers, which is an elite segment of the market at large. The great unwashed (the loyal, weekend skiing, night skiing, lift ticket buying stiff) is not part of their world. To me, these folks are hungry for credible information and sites like epic ski and TGR have far more to offer than all the magazines combined. I can learn more in a quick visit to these sites in a matter of minutes than I can in a year's worth of magazine reading. Granted you can't take everything posted as gospel because a lot of folks don't know what they're talking about. But you can quickly filter out the garbage and come away with tons of useful information that will help you make better decisions. Let me know if I'm out in left field on this one. The landscape of the ski world has certainly changed, but I don't think that the traditional print media side of that world has been able to change along with it.
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Speaking of OnTheSnow.com:

BTW, they are looking to hire a ski editor from the Mid Atlantic region. I believe it requires five blog posts a week about MId Atlantic skiing.
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Four big and obvious ones, but I didn't see two of these mentioned in my quick skim of the 3 pages here:

tgr (already posted)
ttips (already posted)

Great that someone mentioned the Newschoolers - those lil' guys are just so damn cute 'n' cuddly. :
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Originally Posted by nolo View Post
Where do you go on the Web to get news about skiing? What site gives you the best ski equipment news and reviews? Where do you go to learn about deals on trips, equipment, instruction, etc? Which ski-related forums are the most lively and informative? Let's put together a peer-reviewed "A" List of Ski Sites.
I know that weather sites were not asked for but what is skiing without snow?!?! This list is not exaustive but it covers most of the critical areas of interest.

Daily Snow Reports: http://www.snowsource.com/
What the Ski Resorts Use: http://www.bestskiweather.com/
Best Radar, period: http://www.intellicast.com/
Teton Weather: http://www.mountainweather.com/
NOAA East: http://www.erh.noaa.gov/
NOAA West: http://www.wrh.noaa.gov/
Sierra Weather: http://www.sierravisionsstock.com/weather.html
Best Ski Weather: http://www.letstalkweather.com/
Good Ski Forcast: http://www.snowforecast.com/, http://www.snow-forecast.com/
Wasach Weather: http://www.met.utah.edu/wasatch/
Guide to Snowfall: http://members.aol.com/crockeraf/
Canada Forecast: http://www.theweathernetwork.com/
Canada Weather Maps: http://weatheroffice.ec.gc.ca/jet_st...latePrint=true
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epic and TGR are the 2 places were you will find me most. One not mentioned is www.dcski.com the skiers voice of the middle Atlantic, a region that produces more first time skiers than alot of better know ski spots.
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Links to most North American resort web pages:

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[quote=lilskeer;303492]I was shocked that the snowjournal only had 4 members. Not nearly as big as epicski...

Actually, snowjournal has over 2200 registered members.:

For the Mad River Valley in Vermont it's www.skimrv.com, unique thing there is that the President/Owner of Sugarbush is a regular poster.
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For women who love to ski, don't forget:


Great talk about gear, technique, fitness, all things ski-related. And quite a few women bears over there, too!
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Slider, you are the man... I didnt even have to be the guy who says "liftopia"...

Originally Posted by slider View Post
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