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Thanks, everyone. I had no idea all of these sites existed and I'll bet the same goes for others. Jackwan1, thanks for the summary and the interesting tidbit that people in that part of the world read EpicSki and TGR.
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Fer shur, I'm bookmarking this thread.
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Great snow/weather site: http://www.snow-forecast.com/index2.shtml

Comprehensive NZ skiing site: www.snow.co.nz
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In German:
great forum, discussing also HH/PMTS, the "idiots claim" from realskiers and even MSRT from nastar.com
a great personal project of an Austrian ex-worldcupper

not so good:

Has anyone mentioned

Just to be a bit patriotic - in Czech:
(some ex-Czechs and/or Slovaks could be interested but don´t expect too much)


There are many more websites over Europe. I concentrated on some with functional forums.
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For ski poetry and other ski writing:

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Adaptive Sites

OK, now from the Adaptive side of the Mountain.

DS/USA (Disabled Sports USA) http://www.dsusa.org/ Skiing and other adaptive sports.

DAV/VA (Disabled American Vets and the VA) http://miracles.dav.org/ Winter Sports Clinc.
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Excellent! No telling how long this list will go (we passed 30 many posts ago).
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Originally Posted by jackwan1
Skiing is Big in Japan and Korea, Japan has about 70-100 resorts and Korea has about 15 resorts.
I thought Japan had a lot more than that? Skiing is huge there, resorts right up the middle. Korea has a big and growing scene too, and hordes of them come to Australia on group tours. China is just climbing into the worldwide scene but they have a LOT to play with.
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Originally Posted by ant
I thought Japan had a lot more than that? Skiing is huge there, resorts right up the middle. Korea has a big and growing scene too, and hordes of them come to Australia on group tours. China is just climbing into the worldwide scene but they have a LOT to play with.
You are right about number of ski areas in Japan:


Maybe I should say 70-100 larger resorts. Just like in USA, there might be 1000's slopes, but only maybe 50 is worth any while to travel to from other parts of the country/world.
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This is Nov04 front cover page of the "outdoors" megazine in China. In that issue, they promoted snow sports and reported snow sports activities in China. Advertisers including Goretex, Ozark, Mountain Hardware, Fischer, Salomon, North Face, Bolle, Rossignol.... and many SB equipemnt manufacturers. That issue had more than 200 pages, all full color.

While its website:


cannot be comprehanded in the Western world, you can feel the seriousness attitude towards snow sports in China.
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What no one mentioned Paula's warm fuzzy or heartless skiers or whatever it is? Come on I know there's some cross dressers errr I mean cross posters here.
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Thanks for starting this great thread!
http://bestsnow.net/ "The most complete, comprehensive and objective guide to snowfall--and both prevailing and expected snow conditions--at North America's ski resorts ever published"- Powder Magazine.
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Originally Posted by jackwan1
This is Nov04 front cover page of the "outdoors" megazine in China.
I have (unfortunately not at home just now, so no details possible) one issue of the SKEE mag. The cover page looks much better and the whole mag is on very expensive paper.
The seriousness of the attitude is exactly my observation. Knowing the skyrocketing numbers of skiers and ski areas as well as the interest of the manufacturers and businesspeople it´s no surprise.

Btw, the leading European Sports Show, ISPO Munich, organized the first ISPO China in March.
Just imagine only one percent of Chinese population (1.3 billion) skiing...
Afaik, in countries where skiing has some tradition and suitable conditions it´s usually about 5%...
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have to repeat www.timefortuckerman.com. Timely, friendly, useful, attitude-free. The West is Best, but everyone should ski Tuck's at least once.
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www.telemarktips.com for not just tele but anything Backcountry. Lots of avvy related information
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I am very skeptical of quality ski development in China. At the higher latitudes winter is dry season. Beijing averages 22 inches of rain per year, and 15 of it falls in July and August. It will be somewhat like eastern North America, snowmaking dependent but far less natural snow than Vermont.

Niseko in Japan gets tremendous snow from cold Siberian air blowing across the Sea of Japan. Korea should get some from the Yellow Sea, but I doubt anywhere near as much as Japan.
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I am not going to worry about the snow quality, China is a large country, they have many moutains that you can ski on with tons of snow. For example, the Himalayans in Tibet and the moutains in Mongolia around Russian boarders. some of the mountains have year round snow covering. Actually, the largest ski area right now in China is near the Korean boarder and those small hills around Beijing are rely on snow makings when the temp is low enough.

The main problem in China is its infrastructure for skiing. Most of the roads are build around the larger cities which is not in the mountain ranges. In addition, the ski industry is in its infancy, most of the skiers are not as demanding as Western countries, so the lodgings, entertainment, villages and real estate are not fully developed.
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The follow is birds eye view of Nanshan(South Mountain) ski area near Beijing. It is one of the largest and closest to the Beijing City in the area.


You can see it is fully rely upon snow makings.


is a very busy ski discussion forum in Hong Kong, some of the threads are in English, you can get a feeling about their attitude in skiing from the number of threads and replies. Again, you will find lots of references to epic and tgr in the threads. Please note this site just celebrated its 2nd anniversary.

I mind as well post another Taiwan ski discussion site, of which I am very active in with 2200+ postings. This site has less than 2 years in the making.

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To read about what other skiers think about anything regarding skiing, epicski.com is the only place that I go to. Given that, the other sites that I check are the sites of various ski resorts themselves to check for snow conditions and for planning a trip.

I skied Lake Tahoe several times this year, so this site was always helpful:

For skiing at home in the state of Washington, this site is a good place to start:

I've been hoping to make a trip to Utah. I've researched Utah with the following sites:

I'm sure that people who ski Utah regularly could suggest better sites then the two I gave.
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For links to (almost) all US ski area websites:

The best ski news site has to be:

If soneone has found a better ski news site please let me know.
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As a ski writer, I have not found a better source of daily ski news than FirstTracksOnline.com. Everyone I know in the industry monitors that site daily to stay on top of things.

For resort reviews:

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Some more sites

For Mono Skiing ... http://pub20.ezboard.com/blateralpressure
and http://www.usmonoski.org/ with links to manufacturers and international monoski groups, as well as some of the more high-profile resorts

In the good old days of a strong dollar this http://www.telemark-pyrenees.com/sho...hp?language=en used to be reasonable.
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Have to plug our lot then:

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Hugh Jarse,
you must be related to Mike Hunt!
www.fisski.com for all competition results.
And the more adventurous people heading to the PSIA Academy at Chamonix may want to scope out some lines at www.philingle.com
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More props to TGR, telemarktips, & philingle.
If you're really bored check out www.skinc.com and www.skisoutheast.com , which are really the same site with different ads and pictures. You can have a looksie at our message board too if you wanna.

Now back to lurker mode..........
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Martin Bell - not related, but on a rather tenuous link I did once race in a team that beat a team that your brother was racing for. Tour Operators Challenge at the Ski Show in the last year that they had a "proper" slope. I am sure that Graham still swears under his breath every time he sees me - at least that is what he seems to do!!! FYI - I was in the Skiworld team - he was with Crystal / Thompson.
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I was shocked that the snowjournal only had 4 members. Not nearly as big as epicski...
Anyway I did a google search for the heck of it and founds some stuff (sorry in advance if there are any repeats..)




This is definately an awesome thread. I will have to come back when I wanna check out some good skiing site. There are soooo many!!
Thanks everyone
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