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Tsavo ... one week later.

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She made it through surgery. She has kept the shoulder in isolation. Pain meds and ice packs. Apart from a series of OWs emitted upon major movements or laughter -- she's doing really well.

Tomorrow she has her first check-in with the doctor.

Then as CGeib instructed, she will be that much closer to "Rehabbin' like a Girl!".

Way to go Queen Buttercup!!

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Hello All-

As Kiersten has stated I'm a week out of surgery and feeling pretty good! I am getting more range of motion back as the days pass. LM you won't being seeing me at PT for awhile I still have 3 weeks until I can go and be tortured by Christy!: Untill then I'm just hanging around the house and doing some very passive range of motion exercises. Hope all the other wounded women are doing well! As cgeib says "Rehad Like A Girl"!!!!

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