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Atomic Boots

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How are they? They seem to fit my foot the best, before I buy anything anyone in here has to say about them? I am probably going for the GS:9 because it has the nicest liner I've tried (also tried R:11 - not enough heel hold, SX:11 - just a bit too stiff, AFT - haven't tried them but am worried the foam will be too cold/stiff).
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I have Atomic 10.50s from a couple years back, which should be fairly close to the GS9 of this year. Why? Because they fit my feet. Period. I'm not fond of the buckles, and the heels and toes tend to wear down fairly fast (although replacement heels and toes are pretty cheap through Atomic). Otherwise, I haven't had a problem with them. Is the flexible sole thing just a marketing gimmick? I dunno. Like I said, they fit my feet fairly well (which was quite an accomplishment) and are rigid enough for my purposes.
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I have a new pair of GS9s and skied the 10.50 the last couple of seasons. They're great. The sole flex thing is well documented with the likes of Lange and Nordica in the past. Salomon talks about it a great deal as well. Funny thing is I moved down a shell size this year and I really feel the flex, you get an amazing feel for the snow because of it and because your foot is very flat and close to the bottom. The heels now have a protective cover which I believe can be replaced even easier and cheaper. The heel pocket is unbelieveably aggressive and I needed to soften it some but that's easy and now gives me a great grip and comfort. I find the way the softer material on top of the lower shell squeezes down to be super effective as well. The dual side cuff adjustment allows some fine tuning for alignment and tracking issues. The GS9 seals the snow out a lot better than the early 10.50s as well. Great boot and the bottom line is to always go with the fit.
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