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Holy Crap that hurts!!!

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I went mountain biking after work yesterday. Generally a nice easy, somewhat fast ride on very non-techical multi use single track (hikers, horses and bikers).

I went around a sharp right turn that you have to stay tight to the inside because the middle of the trail has been eroded away from the rain over the winter. Well, my front wheel dropped into the trench and hit a rock the size of a bowling ball. I went over the bars faster than I have ever gone OTB before. As I was coming down, and looking at where I was putting my hands on the ground, I watched my left pink finger dislocate : : . I immediately rolled over and looked at my finger which was pointing to the side (eeewwww!), and figured I'd better do something before the pain hit. So I grabbed it with my right hand and straightened it out. Sub-Of-A-Nich that smarts!! I sat there on the ground swearing like a sailor for a few minutes as my riding buddies extracated me from my bike and letting the adrenaline slow down a bit.

Of couse, this happens exactly in the middle of the ride, and I figure I don't really need my left pinky for riding, so we continue on. The pain actually mellowed out a bit by the time we got back to the cars.

I decided not to go to the hospital, because all that would happen is to wait around for 4 hours, then get an xray, then have them tell me there is nothing they can do (if it were broken), and tape it to the next finger. I don't think I broke anything because it had full range of motion right away, but I am keeping it wrapped and taped.

Today it's slightly swollen with only minor discoloration, and it's just sore/aching and doesn't want to move around much. I figure I just pulled some ligaments pretty good, and it should be back to normal in a few days/weeks.
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I can attest to the severity of John's wipe out. I didn't actually see it as I was just ahead of him on the trail, but I FELT it. I actually felt him impact the ground (think Jurrasic Park cup of water effect).

He slammed down with authority!
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Btw (ot)

nice interview.
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