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Slalom ski length

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We get plenty of ski length questions here and the best answer is always to demo... That said, I've finally decided on what to use my pro-form for 2005 on - Dynastar 2005 Omeglass 63 slalom skis.

The dimensions 116-63-103, give a generally tighter than the other slaloms I've considered and the flex pattern sounds about right.

I demoed these last year for a couple of runs and loved the turn initiation and smoothness of the wood core. To me it felt like the perfect slalom blend of the Volkl's power and the Salomon's softness.

Two questions:

1) Dynastar's website stats:

Length 152 radius 11

Length 157 radius 12

Length 165 radius 11

Put simply, if the dimensions stay the same then when the length decreases, the radius decreases. Either Dynastar's site is wrong, or they are varying the dimensions for each length (al la Volkl). Anyone with a pair of the Omeglass 63s or (64s) care to measure there ski widths and comment? Anyone with a knowledge of Dynastars care to comment on whether they vary their widths per length.

2) I am a stage one instructor looking to use these skis to teach on and as a short turn medium speed carver. Ski fields in New Zealand are full of tight, short, steep runs with crud and hardpack. I already have a bombproof of piste Volkl Pro that I love, so I'm not expecting versatility from the Omelgass 63s.

These will be short turn, slow speed only skis. I'm 6 foot and 220 pounds so at full speed I'd over power the 157s. But I'm radius obsessed now and want to carve the shortest turns ever made.

157 or 163?

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With the new shorter skis, especially slalom, you don't want to get a ski that's so short, because they have a very small sweet spot. I think the Dynastar website is wrong, because a longer ski with basically same dimensions can carve a longer radius turn.

Since you are tall and weigh a lot, I wouldn't get anything shorter than 160cm. Unless you want to do moguls all the time. When I ski a longer ski in moguls, I fall back on my traditional ski method mixed with some carving, it depends on how fast I was going.

I demoed some 161cm 1080's at Vail - double-black & black bump runs, trees, etc. I don't like foam cores (except for Atomic - but their skis weigh a ton), I have found that foam breaks down after three seasons (I ski from between 30-45 days a season) from experience. I always buy wood core skis because they hold up better and have more rebound.
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My Omeglass 64's @ 157 measure as advertised. 113-64-102.

Haven't been on these yet. I bought them after spending last season on Omecarve 10's @ 165. Great skis. Very soft though. Wanted to try something with a little more beef under foot. I also picked up a pair of Fischer WC SC's @ 155 ('03-'04 model) with a radius of 9m. I have always been intrigued by this ski. At $279 I couldn't resist. It's going to be a loooong summer.

I am not qualified to comment on the radius of the Omeglass 63 @ 165 but if I were betting, I'd say they were 13m.

Good luck.
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I'm about your size and for all mountain skiing (outside a slalom course), I'm very happy with the Volkl P50 SC Racing (111-63-99) in 170cm. It doesn't feel too long at all and I think it's quite versatile.
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You will find that 165s are more forgiving due to the added fore/aft stability, which helps in managing the impulse. Both skis will be quite easier to turn, but the 165s will be easier to "work," since everything will happen slower. I'd say go with 165. 157 is too short, unless you are doing gates.
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I skied the new (05/06, retail, not racestock) Omeglass in 165 cm and found that to me the ski feels short enough to be used for the purpose you mention.

Generally I think that after FIS changed the minimum legth to the current men´s 165 cm the manufacturers adapted even the "detuned" race skis (such as the Omeglass and many others) to the new length with the result of 165 cm being the better choice than the previously used 155-158 cm.
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