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LisaMarie are you still reading impact?

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I seem to recall you saying you read impact magazine out of calgary. There is an excellent article regarding stretching in the current issue. It puts context on some of the recent myths/trends of pre event stretching. Simple and well written and explains the source of some of this contradictory info. If you don't have it I could likely get it to you somehow.
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Is it one of these linked ones ?
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Originally Posted by cantunamunch
Is it one of these linked ones ?
It's this one Thanks. Guess it is the current issue but the last one. Pertains to running but interesting insight on the studies these ideas come from.

As I wrote that I wondered how much they had on line but hadn't bothered looking. They have a lot more extensive web info then I would have thought.
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Thanks! Impact is the best sport fitness magazine in North America. FYI the articles are archived on the site one month after publication, so I'll be able to read the article next montn. Thanks Again!
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It's not in the permanent archives.

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