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Where to stay in Mammoth?

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I'm bringing a group to Mammoth at the end of Jan., 2006. We will be without transportation once we get there. Where is the best area of the resort to stay in to make sure we can get to skiing easy in the am and out to town in the pm? What properties have you guys stayed in and liked/disliked? What else do you care to share with me about Mammoth?

Thanks as always.......
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I am not a Mammoth expert, I have not been there for the past 3 years. However past experience tells me you should seriously reconsider renting a private vehicle. I do not belive there is a convienit way to get into Mammoth lakes from anywhere? Lots of bus charters from So Cal area for short trips, but not much else. And the village is not pedestrian freindly. I would be interested to see if a local will dissagreee with my statment here.

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Eastern ski bum, for what it's worth 4 of us stayed in Mammoth at the motel six this winter. There is a shuttle right out side the motel that will take you to and from the lodges. From the motel you can walk to most of the town in a short time. Not fancy but good location and cheap. Parking at the lodges was packed and the shuttle is probably better than driving unless you get to the mountain early.
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The Village would be most convenient, but it's expensive. If you have a big enough group, there are a few large ski in/out properties that could be worthwhile (look for The Bridges, or Eagle Run) , but then you are pretty much stuck there at night without a car. And they are still pretty expensive. But there is not much nightlife anyways, and Mammoth has this way of wearing a skier out so that they just want to stay in and relax at night.
I usually stay at Motel 6, and park at the Stump Alley parking lot. If I bring my tiny Hyundai, I can always find a space to squeeze into close to the lifts even on really crowded days.
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I also think you need a car. If you have a group with a condo and you want to eat in, you will need to get to Von's supermarket a few times. I would try to get one of the 1970's vintage condos in town close to Old Mammoth Road. That's also walking distance to Von's but still not ideal in typical Mammoth weather/snow cover.

If you're not price sensitive the new village is probably best. There are some older condos (like Viewpoint, where I had a private connection for 20 years) within walking distance of the new village, but check a map carefully to see how close.
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davison street guest house is good if you have a vehicle. And very in-expensive.

It's comfortable as long as you don't mind a dorm like atmosphere. If you just need a place to sleep and cooking facilities check it out.
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if you want to check it out.
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Don't worry about staying down in town. They have a bus.
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I've been going to Mammoth since the mid-70's. Now I just stay at Mammoth mt Inn. Walk to lifts, limited nightlife but I don't care.
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Thanks all for the great replys..... I will tell you I'm bringing about 30 of my closest (LOL) friends who care about ammenities. We will be eating out all week. The group is mainly an older (even than myself) lot. We'll be flying in to Reno and getting a charter bus to bring the group to Mammoth. I've found it a real pain to try and deal with rental cars with a large group. Too many variables.

We're narrowing down the choices and right now Alpenhof looks like a winner. Any comments on the place is appreciated. Also, can anyone tell me about Shilo Inn?
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With that large a group, you will have to reserve very early. Lol, I don't know if the Alpenhof can even hold 30 people! The Shilo is pretty nice, but not close to restaurants, except the McDonald's next door.
But your best bet is to stay at the Village if you can afford it, because there are plenty of restaurants and stuff right there, and there is a gondola in it. You aren't really missing anything by not exploring the town, it's rather dull, and the restaurants are not really great. But you come to Mammoth for the great skiing.
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Thanks Miles... actually we are making our reservations right now for next season. We have air blocked and 3 of my vendors gave me an option for Alpenhof, so I know it can hold us.
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Alpenhof looks good as it is across the street from the new Village, even closer than Viewpoint. Presumably it's cheaper (and I'm sure quieter) than being IN the Village.
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Although we only left there about 6 weeks ago, even now my geography of Mammoth is getting a bit fuzzy, but if you can get in the Alpenhof my recollection is that it will be as good as anything else, being basically across the street from the gondola/village and relatively easy contact with the rest of town. The bus will likely stop nearby and you could walk to some places.

When we were there, which was quiet (early April) it was still busy on weekends so booking ahead for eating out would be an idea.

We rented from

which is right by you. They were fine by us and I was happy with what we got and the service we received.
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Thanks for the rental info. It will be Alpenhof.... I contacted the winning vendor yesterday and we're set. Now to sell the trip for the next 6mos. so I get my fill. Already can't wait till next season.

I'll have to settle for sailing and kayaking till then......... (I actually love the water even more than the mountains)
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Boy how things change

The Alpenhof has unfortunately told us we will have to do 1/2 the rooms with 2 doubles and the other 1/2 rooms with single King beds. We don't get 50% couples so we'll have to be at the Shilo Inn. Am I correct in understanding that it is at least on the night Shuttle route around town?
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I would definitely want a car if I were at Shilo. I think you're starting over with a clean slate here. There just aren't that many hotels at Mammoth, and Alpenhof and Mammoth Mt. Inn are likely the only ones where you can do without a car. I think you maybe should be looking at a few large condos for your group.
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If I was coming all that way and spending that much $$ to get to Mammoth, I wouldn't stay at the Shilo. I stay at the Shilo all the time with my family but I have a vehicle to get around. It's nothing special as far as amenities go. I also think the Holiday Inn is "nicer". It's not really "walking distance" to anything good. I'd stay at the new Village so you can walk to a number of decent restaurants....I think the Travelodge (that Mammoth Mtn owns) is also close enough to the village if you want to go the "hotel" route.
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I've been at the Shilo with a group of about 25 or so. This was a trip run by the Over the Hill Gang. The Shilo is basic but certainly ok. There is a shuttle stop a 5 minute walk away that will take you to the mountain.

It got much easier when we would store our skis and boots in overnight lockers at the lodge. Then we just walk to the bus in tennies and suit up at the lodge.

In our group one person had a car, so they couldn't take everyone around and we made it work and had a good time.

I agree that the Village would be more convenient, but I'd bet it is a lot more expensive.
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If cost is a concern, getting a cluster of condos in town, close to shuttle and a few of the restaurants, and then having one car like the above post for grocery shopping and contingencies might make sense. This is what my Snowbird timeshare friends do during their week every year.
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Thanks again guys... unfortunately it's less a price issue (to a certain extent) and more a bedding issue with groups. The new condos in the village weren't designed with groups in mind so there are too many queen beds and not enough twins.

The only reason we backed out of the Alpenhof was for this very reason. They would only give us 1/2 of our rooms as 2 beds. We need more than that. Clubs run more singles than couples. We could do 5people in 3 bedroom condos, but that runs the costs up and brings other issues. We don't consider sleep sofas as beds. Nobody wants those these days.

I'm afraid I'm caught between a rock and a hard place. Those of you who run group trips (or participate in them) know what I'm talking about.

I'm still psyched about the whole thing. It's going to be a great trip.
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Check out the Sierra Park Villas the location is walking distance to restaurants, groceries, movies,and of course the shuttle. I have never stayed there,but a friend has and likes it.
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