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Ninety-Nine Ninety The Canyons

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Does anyone know what the vertical rise is of the Ninety-Nine Ninety chair? I can't seem to find this information on the internet.

Also, the area around Ninety-Nine Ninety, what other areas would you compare it to.

How does it compare to John Paul, Jupiter?

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THe vert. from base to 9990 is 3190. IMO, 9990 kicks Jupiter's butt. No only does it open up to some of the steepest tree skiing and chutes in Utah, it also leads to some of the narliest backcountry skiing anywhere.
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Do you know what the vertical rise is from the base of the lift, not the base of the resort?

Do you know how it compares to John Paul?

It sounds awsome and we are probably going to get seasons passes there next year, the kids are getting older and the price jumps at Snowbasin, so it may be worth it.
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The info you are looking for can be found here at http://www.skilifts.org/install_na1998.htm

http://www.skilifts.org Is an exceleent site BTW. Lots of great info.

Here are the numbers (both were installed in 1998):

John Paul: Length = 7,232', Vertical = 2,435' Rise Over Run = 33.66% or 19 degrees

9990: Length = 6,680', Vertical = 1,563' Rise Over Run = 23.39% or 13 degrees

So, not only is John Paul longer and covers more vertical, it can be argued that it covers steeper sustained terrain. I know, it's a little misleading fact.
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I am not 100% certain, but I think that the lift is about 8000'. Never skied John Paul. I usually buy my season pass in August. It runs about $699.
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Cornbread, thanks for the links and the post, I appreciate it.

Canyons, thanks for the information. That is still a pretty good price in a pass.
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I skied it for the first time this past closing day. What a shame, as there was more snow on it than NY had all season.

The terrain semmed pretty phat, but I'm not able to make any comparisons. Except to say that Snowbasin seems to ski a lot bigger.
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Does anyone have an Idea what year (Jupiter Chair) @PC was installed? I know its an old 2 seater. I prefer Jupiter terrain to 9990. I like Juno Bowl Not a bad hike) and the trees right under the Jupiter lift (Steep enough for me)

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Jupiter was installed in 1975, in time for the 75 -76 season, but was little used that year as it was one of the worst drought years ever. It's length is roughly 3,000' and has 1,100' vertical. I like Jupiter too, as it offers the best access to the safest BC (keyword: safe) in the entire area. I can head over to Brighton/Solitude, head up Pinecone Ridge or go up on Jupiter Peak from one lift. 9990 is great too, but the BC access is scary along the Dutch Draw and Square Top areas (they slide EVERY year). Wouldn't touch those areas with a 10' pole.

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Powdr: Unfortunately, history tells us that you are right.
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