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A bad day on Everest

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I just received a e mail from my brother Kevin who is attempting to summit Everest for his second time. Around 5:30 am They had a huge avelanch that burried camp 1. So please take a moment to prey for all the injured climbers. Their were no deaths @ last cummunication with my bro.
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A close one. Hope every one is OK.
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yes, thoughts and prayers to all involved...quick healing to the injured.
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I have nothing but RESPECT for the people that even make that venture for an attempt. Hope everything turns out well for them and hopefully will get to set foot on top of the world.
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Out of character for me but I'll tie a prayer flag for him here in NJ.

Hope all are well and stay well.

Let us know when he's up and down and safe.
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This after the loss of Mike O'Brien a little while back. He died inthe arms of his brother/ climbing partner after a crevasse fall. Everest is a dangerous place, not a place for the weekend climber, hope your brother's expedition is ok...
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Hi everyone,
It is probably on the news -- incorrectly reported, no doubt.
Early this morning, there was an avalanche from way high on the
mountain. Ordinarily, anything coming down from the western face
(approx 28000 to 29000 feet) would fall safely into an area of the
western cwm (coomb i.e., valley) where there are no camps or routes.
However, this morning the mass of ice and rock and snow that came down
created a pressure wave that leveled Camp I, an area thought to be the
safest on the entire mountain....never an accident there in 50+ years.
Is it global warming? No one in our group was there.
This morning, we are all doing an inventory of people in other groups.
Half of our group was at Camp II, planning to return to basecamp this
morning. They are now on their way and were first on scene this morning
at Camp I. It looks like 7-9 injuries and all but one are walking down
to basecamp.

As for us, I am at BC and the other half of our team will be here in a
few hours. In a day or two, we will go down to about 12,000 feet for a
rest at a tea house. There, we can all re-assess everything.

We've heard the BBC report this event in a very embellished way. When
everyone is down, and we account for everyone, we can then know for
sure. It sounds like the pressure wave at CI did the damage, however,
it is impossible to know if any tents were buried.

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So if I follow this correctly from the web site, your brother is Kevin Grant, and you are in the base camp support team? What a great opportunity. Do you have any pics or news from the base camp? What is the experience like to work in the support role? Great story, and even better no one is seriously hurt. Thanks for your first hand accounts.
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Sorry but I'm not @ BC. Iwas just passing on some info. My last post was from A climber at the seen. My family and I were very worried during that time and I may have hastaly posted that mail.
As far as the summit attempt go's. things don't look good at this point they are waiting for a weather window which may or may not come in time. They are encountering high winds and exstream cold. Safty first. Thanks for your thoughts everyone. follow the team @ www.alpineascents.com
Thanks again
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