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Squaw Pricing?

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I was reading the post titled "Alpine at Tahoe?" and a few replies spoke to Squaws pricing and that got me thinking... and now writing.... For those of you unfimilar with the Season Pass price wars going on in the Tahoe area for the past couple years, here is a quick summary (note that some passes do have a few blackout dates):

Heavenly $299 fullweek

North Star / Sierra at Tahoe combined pass $299 full week

Sugar Bowl $379 full week

Kirkwood $199 midweek $299 full week except holidays

Squaw $819 midweek $1299 full week

Also, many resorts, excluding Squaw, make discounted daily tickets readily available through places like Safeway, Albertsons, McDonalds...

Dont get me wrong. I like Squaw and do think its the best resort in Tahoe although I personally can not justify the $1000 between Squaw and Heavenly. Or for that matter, $1000 difference compared to the combined North Star and Sierra at Tahoe pass. What really seems out of balance is that for less money than a Squaw full week season pass you can buy a Heavenly, Northstar/Sierra at Tahoe and Kirkwood full season passes and have hundreds of dollars in your pocket for new skis!

I did send an email to Squaw asking how they justify their prices. They gave several reasons for the higher prices which included that they are privately owned and that they expect when the economy picks up other resorts may increase their prices. They also mentioned value propositions - better mountain experience, more terrain, longer ski season, no lines...
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Squaw Valley prices

I think that Squaw gets the weekend warriors. Hell I used to be one and even got a parking pass too. I suspect that they sell plenty of passes that are probably underutilized. Meanwhile the prices you quote are mostly mid-week, I think. For the ski areas with cheap mid-week passes (some of which include Sundays) I think they're targetting the locals who actually ski midweek and do shop around for the best deal. Squaw, generally, doesn't want the great unwashed that is the local crowd, sometimes with good reason , and they cherry pick some of the folks they do want and comp them. Also, I think the Alpine Meadows pass is getting up there in price
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Daily lift ticket @ Squaw is 62$!! Worth the price? mid winter. However they just went to spring operations (5 lifts only upper mountain) but the ticket price is still 62$
I guess they figue if you want to ski in may, your gonna pay. I did see if buy your pass after April first, you could use it this year (End of 05) So I guess you could have made up the price of the 1299$ pass this year by skiing 22 days between April and June.
I like the idea of a Squaw pass but I'll stick with my 299$ Mt. Rose pass. Slum @Alpine Meadows and Homewood on occasion

Only problem I am probably going to spend 500$+ on lift tickets @Squaw just this spring!!
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Actually as of May 2nd the price dropped to 44.00

Still kind of steep for 5 lifts and only 2 that service intermediate and advanced runs.

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Also if you have a season pass from any other resort from the past season you can take it to special tickets at Squaw and get a few more dollars off your pass. (it might be 39.00 if they are doing the same promo as last season.
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Squaw Valley prices

I believe Squaw just lowered their ticket prices to $44 so you should be down to $300 on tickets : But remember you can always get a spring pass from Alpine Meadows for $99, and that can count as a credit to next season's pass They are both planning on staying open through Memorial Day, although Squaw is teasing that they may try and open for July 4th weekend. And the forecast is for another foot of snow over the next few days
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Thanks for the info. I will go to Squaw this weekend and Maybe Alpine? I did not see anything on the squaw website about the 44$ rate (Thats fair) And I will bring my rose pass for a posible further discount?

What do you think the Rain is going to do to lower Alpine Tomorrow?
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Squaw Conditions

Well it's on their website
I suspect that Alpine's base elevation is high enough that they'll get snow over night. Meanwhile I notice that at Squaw they've still got runs down to 6200', but maybe not after this storm (39" base ?).
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From what I understand the price for everyone at Squaw, with or without a season pass at other resorts, is $44. The $10 discount for other pass holders was a short lived promo and was $10 off the normal price of $62. Since the lower mountain is basically shut down, other than transportation back to the Shirley Lakes area, the mountain is small. As for me, the money is now flowing to tennis and endurance/horse back riding. Boy, its expensive enjoying the outdoors!!
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I agree with Kuma's original post. I purchased two season passes this year ($249 Sierra and $299 Heavenly) and will purchase Sierra and Kirkwood next year. The passes are blacked out Thanksgiving, Christmas, Presidents and sometimes MLK, and offer 1/2 day ticket prices if you ski on black-out. Other than that, you are good to go. Since heavily discounted season passes arrived, I have not skied Squaw, but continue to go to Alpine Meadows.

The pass prices are so good, I know of people from far outside the area that buy them for their vacation. The passes pay back in only 5 days. The down-side is that with so many passes being sold, weekends have become really crowded. Former day ticket buyers that used to spread their business around now seem to commit to a single area and show up more often.
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To state the obvious ...

To state the obvious but locals don't ski when it's busy - holiday weekends for example. They hibernate from the craziness that overcomes our area. Hell I don't ski Saturdays. Ever. Even if we've got guests who want to ski. The only time I come out when it's busy is in on a powder day. So I suggest that the ski areas are making a decent business decision to offer dirt cheap passes for off-periods when you've got the vacationers, rather than the weekend warriors, mixing it with the locals. I suspect it adds value to the week long vacationers to be able to get inside info from locals when riding up on the chair.

Meanwhile Squaw goes it alone. "We care".
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Yeah- skiing weekends occurs only for two reasons, powder day or social day AKA - looking for betty's!
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Truckeelocal, there are plenty of locals skiing on weekends. Holidays are overwhelmingly out of area. The big leap in weekend use in Tahoe are Bay Area folks that come up for the weekend or extended weekends and using season passes now. Many of these Bay area people own second homes or have good incomes that allow them to afford the lodging. People go skiing when they can get off work. For most, that means the weekend. When you live in a tourist town, the work schedule is busiest on the weekends and holidays. I don't think locals avoid weekends any more than those that live out of the area, they just play around their work schedule. Long distance tourists use weekdays too as vacations allow. They often combine vacation with holidays making that the busiest time.

I am only 60 miles away and so not a local, but I am close enough weekdays work out best. I am also self employed. I suggest that you are in a position to ski weekdays and avoid rush periods. Those of us in that position are definitely in the minority. If I have guests, we ski when they are here without thought to weekends or holidays, even if my passes are blacked out. What do you do with guests if you refuse to ski these times?
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OK: I went back to the Squaw Web site. Went to Tickets. And got this

All day and afternoon lift tickets include FREE night skiing*
Children 12 & under - all day, every day!

Adult 2 Consecutive Day Ticket (save $16...$8 per day)

Juniors (13-15yrs)

Seniors (65-75)

Seniors (76+)

Adult All Day (until 9pm*)

Adult Afternoon (1pm-9pm*) $45
Adult Night Only (4pm-9pm*) $20
Jr/Sr Night Only (4pm-9pm*) $10
Child Night Only (4pm-9pm*) $5
All prices subject to change without notice.
*When night operations are in effect.

So where is the average dumb ass like me? Supposed to see that tickets are now 44$

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This is from the link I posted above

Starting May 2
Adult All Day:
PM Ticket (12-3pm):
Child (12 & under):
And for my weekend guests - I send them to the mountains or offer them snow shoeing or back-country skiing with the dogs. Or, occasionally, my wife will go 'cause she's a lot more laid back about skiing and lift lines than me. On the other hand I've done lots of skiing in Europe and should be able to handle lift lines better. I guess I'm spoiled
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Have to scrol down on the main page!! I told you I was a dumb ass!! The sad thing is I spend all day working on a puter.

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