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cheap 2nd hand or brand spanky new skis? that is the question

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Hi everyone.

Great forum by the way! Thanks in advance for your replies.

Some background:
I would consider myself a very good Australian skier which means i'm a terrible Swiss skier
I've not skied a lot, probably 60 days in my total life but feel pretty confident and have fairly good form. I ski black runs and can just handle easy double black runs (with terrible form). Thus i guess i'm in the "advanced" catagory.
I've just moved to New Zealand and am about to have my first winter in a country where i can go regularly skiing (every weekend if possible).

I've just bought my season pass and now am looking at buying skis. I own boots and clothes already.

So my question is, do i pay $300 and get a second hand pair of "intermediate carving good skis" or do i pay $1400 and get a brand new pair of great "advanced" skis.

1) Basically question is new or used. New is $1000+, used is under $300..

2) Will i notice the difference between an "intermediate" new ski and an "advanced" new ski?

3) I'm thinking of Dynastar Skicross 9 (all mountain ski).

Any advice/experience is very welcome.

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How about cheap and new? See http://www.evogear.com/productdetail.asp?pn=990 (SC9, $100 (US)). Don't know what the shipping would be to your part of the world, but the skis are dirt cheap, brand new, and exactly what you're looking for. If the 178cm length doesn't work for you (all they've got in SC9), check out their deals on Intuitiv 74 (167 and 182).

Setting that option aside, if you shop carefully (see recent threads here re checking condition), there's little or no performance tradeoff in getting 2d-hand gear, and the savings will go a long way toward lift tickets and other travel. Given your level of experience and the amount you'll ski this season, I'd opt for a more advanced new ski.
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I say get both pairs that way you have a cheap pair of skis to use when there are bare spots and rocks exposed on the mountain (early and late season) and then you have a nice new pair of skis to use when the conditions are stellar! BTW you can never have too many pairs of skis, especially if you are obscessed with this sport! Oh, and nothing compares to the first few runs you take on a brand new pair of skis (drool, drool, drool~ new skis!)
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That is a great deal for the Dynastar SC9, $130 (US shipping included) for brand new skis. Look P10 bindings are about $120.
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I would not pay 300 Canadian for a used pair of skis unless they were barely used or had top of the line bindings I wanted. Check the websites mentioned above and ebay. And 1400 new, please don't
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I would buy the used skis or get new online. If you want to buy new locally, wait for spring sales. The local shops will be charging top dollar right now but will be motivated to move them when springtime comes around. Prices drop by about 50%. Look in late September and October for the local deals. If you shop online now you will be getting Northern Hemisphere end-of-season sales prices.
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Welcome to Epic, and welcome to New Zealand. The ski market in New Zealand is very similar to small town USA in a state far away from the ski fields. I.e only 3 stores in each of the major cities and all stock at RRP or higher.

The advice you'll get from the Bears here is top notch, but be aware that shipping on DHL of a pair of skis to NZ is $270 USD, FedEX is $280 USD and UPS is $300 USD.

The specialist shops in Auckland and Ohakune can be a bit flexible with prices and often give a small (10%) discount for cash. Most can give you very personalised advice and some even have demo programs which are the answer if you're thinking of serious de'nero.

The larger questions are "which ski for me", "what do ya'll think of the sc9" and "could I tell the difference between an advanced ski and an intermediate ski"?

These have all been answered here many times before, the search function is fantastic.

Final piece of NZ specific advice: the pre-season sales in NZ are as good as the post-season sales. Lots of last years gear for seriously good prices. Both Snow Centre and R&R sports in Auckland will have these sales at some stage this month. Keep an eye on the newspaper.
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Before you all get too worried about spending $1400 on a new set of skis bear in mind slug is talking NZ$ which exchanges to about US$980. Buying gear from overseas can be ok, especially since the US$ took its nosedive but shipping kills most of any savings. I looked into getting my 8000s overseas last year and it was cheaper to pay full retail here rather than import.

slug - what skis you should be looking at will depend on where you will be skiing, what pass did you get? If North Island you need skinny skis, if South Island you need mid-fats.
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See if you can find a store with a demo program where your rental fee (or in some cases a portion of it) is taken off the price of a new pair when and if you buy the new pair during that ski season. That way you get to try different skis, and enjoy a brand new pair when you buy them (or know what your getting if you buy one of thier rentals at season's end).
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I picked up used skis first because I find a lot of rocks at the local hill. I have no idea how NZ snowpack is, but I wouldn't buy new if there's a high chance of gravel skiing.
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Wow - thanks for all the great replies!

ts01 - thanks for that amazing link. Quick question. i've never ski'ed more than a 172 and remembered this was "really fast". I was planning on getting a 170 ski, is 178 going to be too much for me?
I'm 6'1" and about 78kg. Ill do a search to see what people think.

I ski the North Island mostly so skinnier skis are probably ok.

Right now i'm thinking of the above ski's (and seeing if i can find someone to bring them from the US) if not i think ill pay full price $1400 NZD ($1000 USD) and get a pair that ill take total care for as long as possible.

many thanks for all the very very useful replies - happy skiing!!

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