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how many driving miles this season?

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well, here's a post related to the 20+ days thread...
it's become ever more clear to me that i really need to live closer to where i ski...as fuel prices continue to rise and as the effects of global climate change, and the discussion of peak oil become harder to ignore, burning so much fuel for regular forays into a more unspoiled environment seems ironic at best...
so today while sitting through a slow meeting tallied up my miles driven this season:
for 45 days (and 4-5 to go) i've driven 37 round trips totalling about 9200 miles...for an average of about 248 each (ie. skiing an avg 124 miles away)
now that most north american skiers are looking back on the past season, anyone else do any similar tallying? or wondering about moving closer to their favorite ski areas? flight miles interesting as well...

btw: superstar at killington is in great shape as of this past sunday (may1), and with cold nites forecast for rest of this week, will likely be solid through closing day of may 15.
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48,000 km january to january
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5*500 mile round trip + 1 *1700 miles +1* 40 miles = 4240 ski miles not counting trips to the ski shop. Yay carpooling.
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1,850 miles for 39 days. It helps to be 38 miles round trip from my main ski hill (Bridger Bowl). My biggest mileage was Moonlight Basin at 103 miles round trip. Since the rest of the Northwest sucked this year I didn't do any long road trips.
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Why friends & family think we're nuts...

Home in CT to Home in VT: 320 miles + 50 miles each way to pick up/drop off the stranded @ school set each weekend (Total weekend miles roundtrip avg. 450/7 hrs)
30+ trips (Nov-April)
Roughly 13,500 miles driven/210 hrs
1 New England to Colorado flight = 4,000 miles roundtrip/14 hours
17,500 total miles traveled, using up the better part of 9 full days of my life...and that's just this season :

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7400 for 57 ski days....4500 in my brand new 2005 honda elephant
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My 120 days, including five spent 1500 miles away from home at Snowmass, put about 17,000 miles on the three cars we operated this season. I have a daily sixty-mile (one way) commute to my "home" hill. I spend over an hour each way on rural two-lane roads and the trip to Snowmass involved four days of about 12 hours driving each. So I spent about 280 hours driving to and from skiing this season.
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1900 mi. It's less than 30 mi to my home mt. Trips to Mad River, Magic and Gore for about 35 to 40 days this season (so far). One more trip to Killington - 1 hr 50 min. maybe 100 plus mi.
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In the calender year 2004 they were 11,361 km = 7,061 miles to/from the Alps and 6,316 km = 3,925 miles at home.
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Only got about 25 days in this year...all in the midwest. Mileage was about 2000 for all.

That is way down from my coaching days when I drove 15-20000 miles between Dec 1 and end of March. Skied almost daily and weekend races were all 200-500 miles (1 way) distant. Don't miss the driving and watching out for the cops. 1 of my fellow coaches got 2 tickets in 1 weekend from the same cop in Wisconsin. Slow learner.

I keep dreaming of the day when I can move near a big mountain and have a short commute to ski daily. Unfotunately, my wife does not share this dream.
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1st trip to Colorado - Durham to Vail and back 3600 miles.

2nd Trip out West:
Durham -> SLC : 2182
SLC -> Brian Head : 150
Brian Head -> Telluride : 415
Telluride -> Silverton : 80
Silverton -> Breckenridge : 300
Breckenridge -> SLC : 470
SLC -> Breckenridge :470
Breckenridge -> Aspen :100
Aspen -> Duham : 1840

Total Mileage = 6007 miles

Trip to Whitetail = 700 miles

Trip to Okemo = 1500 miles

Total Miles = 11807
Total day skiing = 42
Miles/day of skiing : 281

I gotta move out of NC
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I want to see what Max put on his Subie this winter.
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I've never worked it out since I either fly (and then endure a transfer that may be two or three hours) or, more usually, go by train. I live in London, England, and I doubt that any of the Alpine resorts is nearer than 1,000 miles each way (or for someone from the north of England add several hundred miles more).
I prefer to travel by train overnight, sleeping (hopefully) in a couchette. That way a 7 night hotel booking gives me 8 days skiing (while those who fly only get 6 days!)
If I assume an average 1,250 miles each way my 3 weeks skiing per year comes to 7,500 miles.
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I claim about 11,000 for tax purpose (travel to races, etc) Then there's about 4,000 for driving back & forth to training and personal skiing.
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40 miles one way to mountain, times two (to work and to home) times four days each week times twenty weeks plus three trips to Kmart and back 140 each way times six equals at least 2,440 miles on mom's car last winter.
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I just recently purchased a new vehicle to replace the aging Toyota Landcruiser (a.k.a. Brutus) I had been driving (186,000 miles and still kickin'!). I was excited, as current lease deals on all sorts of vehicles are fantastic (example: 2005 Audi A4 Avant w/ Sport package for $1,500 down/$249 a month for 36 months). Fantastic, that is, until you get to the mileage limits...usually 12,000 per year, although I did find several offering 15,000. I drove 15,000 miles between November and March and never left New England!
Once I stopped laughing, I started looking at low mileage used vehicles to purchase.

It's too bad Brutus isn't road-trip worthy anymore, as I'd love to keep him for the back and forth trip each weekend. Having been in the family since 1993 (before I could even drive!), however, I can't bear to part with him. To Vermont he goes to put a merciful end to the "who needs to be dropped off @ the mtn. vs. who's going shopping and needs a car" game next season, then possibly back to CT to become a weekend project for the next 10 years or so. lol
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2 x Big Bear = 400

4 x Mt. Baldy = 300

6 x Mammoth (3 so far, but 3 more scheduled) = 3,900

2 x Tahoe = 2,200

January marathon in Canada from Spokane airport as far as Lake Louise to escape rain = 1,300

SLC to Snowbird = 80

I used shuttle transport from Vancouver to Whistler/TLH in March.

Total driving = 7,180 miles
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0. My condo is about 25 yards from the gondola. Now, if you asked me about flying miles, I would have answered about 20,000.
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Miles driven for the 2004-2005 Ski Season
The best use of a car I can think of ;-)

Resort _________________Days____Trip Miles

Mohawk Mountain Ski Area_1_______100
Mount Southington________1________44
Okemo _________________1_______370
Wachusett Mountain Ski___1_______260
Cannon Mountain Ski Area__1_______540
Stowe Mountain Resort____1_______546
Hunter Mountain__________2_______540


* Other ski trip days that were not driven by me are excluded from this total.
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57,256 september to march with about 5 ski days in there
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I did over 5000 miles just from the start to end of winter. The car is out of warranty finally and is at it's midlife. before the winter ended the clutch went bad and my wallet got lighter w/ $600 less:
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miles driven

from about december to now i have driven 20,000 miles between all the races cant count how manny trips .
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I see you're at Mt Ashland. Please send me a PM.
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