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Alpine at Tahoe?

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After 5 wks off to heal some ribs I'm considering Alpine this coming Sat. Seems they are down to 2 lifts and 8am-1pm hours. Anybody been there recently? Any projections for this weekend? Just want to play for a while and try out some new skis.
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Skied Squaw yesterday...

Good early, mashed potatoes later. There were about a dozen guys going off the Palisades; really, every line of it - National, Chimney, everything.

I would think that 8-11 at Alpine would be OK, and then you would ski sticky, melting snow for the last 2 hours. I had fun, but be careful of your ribs on that variable snow.
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Summit Six

Normally this time of year they run Summit Six and Kangaroo. Kangaroo has a terrain park and Summit Six is top to bottom skiing. The top is normally good, the middle flat and sticky, the bottom something to do. But I, too, am healing Otherwise I'd already have taken advantage of their $99 pass, good for the rest of the season (Memorial Day) and as a credit to next year's pass : By the way according to the paper the ticket price is $29

ps. Squaw is going to try for July 4th skiing according to the pass renewal stuff I got today. It's ugly but it's something to do on a busy weekend - Shirley Lake and possibly The Chief. But they'll probably have a ticket price of $62 :
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Thanks, I would opt for Squaw for more variety BUT my wife insists that $62 for spring skiing isn't where it's at. So I do agree if we only get 3-4 hours $29 is much better! I think that we'll just stay the night at south shore to save the 3:30am depart time. What the heck , make a weekend out of it!
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$62 Squaw tix? You might get lucky...

There's a few guys with corporate tix left who'd dump them for $40 or less. I had a guy walk up to me in the parking lot & just slipped him $40. It's just like finding scalpers at the ballgame...
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Squaw Valley prices

Please realize I was being faceatious about the $62 for spring skiing at Squaw. I have no idea what the current price is but it's always going to be beat by Alpine prices, where I'd argue that the skiing is as good, if not better. And the attitude there is a WHOLE lot better.
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Squaw's spring ticket prices

Starting today May 2nd, Squaw is charging $44 for an Adult all day ticket. The lifts are running from 9:00 a.m to 3:00 p.m.
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Yeah, I've always liked the lower key attitude at Alpine, but since I get up there on the weekends a lot, I like that Squaw's lifts move people faster. If I could ski midweek more, then I'd ski Alpine more. Nothing like a good spring day on the deck there or at the Ice Bar (early spring there)...
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Was there this weekend. There is plenty of snow but make sure your skis are well waxed with CH 8 or 10 or moly or equivilent. The snow can get pretty sticky around 11:00AM. There were no lines to speak of.
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