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Superfeet question

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I would like to get some custom footbeds for my new boots, probably Superfeet - should I wait till the boots are broken in a bit as I bought them kinda snug or put them in now? any comments appreciated...
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in most cases at our shop, we try to fit the skiers in the boots with the footbeds when they're trying on new boots. I don't think it would hurt to put in the footbeds before or after the breakin period. The thing is, though, if the boot is too snug around the instep, it might hurt after putting in the footbed, requireing further fitting and adjustments.

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I'd go for it right away, Dave. Those footbeds will change the shape of your feet, and it's that shape that you want your boots to break in to. Plus, you may be surprised to find that the boots may have MORE room inside with the Superfeet. That's the case for me. I have very flexible feet, and without the support of good footbeds (I prefer SuperFeet too) my feet expand, getting longer and wider when I put weight on them. While SuperFeet are pretty substantial, they essentially only fill the voids under your arches and around your heels.

Of course, there's no need to rush out before the snow even flies! I would probably wait until you can at least take a run or two to test the new footbeds.

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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you should go for it right away! However, don't in advance make your mind up to purchase Superfeet. There are many good foot orthotics on the market. Most important is to go to a good shop. Good knowledgeable fitters can make any system work well. Personally I prefer softer orthotic made in weight bearing.
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Compared to other materials, Superfeet Kork are pretty thick underfoot, and often do reduce boot volume. The old Superfeet SkiVac has no kork is thinner, and very worth considering, as are lots of other footbeds; Comformable, Instaprint, Etc... I have a very snug fit in my boots, and the Superfeet rep made me a pair of Korks last year, trying to convert me. They are much thicker than my Instaprints, and did not work at all. Maybe if I neede volume reduction... There are quite a few people who find Superfeet's nonKork footbeds preferable to a Kork, including one Demo team guy I work with.
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hmmm, thx for all the input - the left boot is a bit too snug on the instep, I wanted to ski in them a bit, thinking that when they break in a bit this will diminish - I used them once so far, and just unbuckled them on th lift ride up - maybe Superfeet are not the answer?
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I see you are from Littleton so know you have plenty of bootfitters in the area. See one and have them determine if your shells are the correct size. You shouldn't purchase an orthotic to adjust boot volume. It isn't the purpose. Get in the proper shell size. Maybe you already are, and let an experienced fitter make you a footbed and align you. They will be able to make their system whatever it is work in your boot. Don't forget your feet must be able to pronate in the boot in order to get your ski properly on edge. There is a bootfitter in Winterpark and there must be several in the Copper, Dillon Vail area. The season is still far away. Go slow talk to several fitters at different shops. Look at different orthotic materials. Good luck.
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