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Interesting topic. My .02. If you look at a lot of Bode slalom pics (particularly ones taken two to three years ago), you'll notice his shin guards have vertical and horizontal duck tape stripes. This is so as he analyzes his video, he can quickly see whether he has parallel leg shafts and how much angulation he's getting at each turn. Very important for racing, particularly in slalom.
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the 5 sames may help some intermediates

The 5 sames, as I read them, may be helpful for breaking some intermediate bad habits, but seem to break down at higher levels of skiing.

As a simple example, keeping hands at same distance from snow will tend to quiet an over active upper body. That's a good thing for someone throwing a shoulder to turn. It will also tend to increase angulation similar to the effect of the hold the poles upside down and keep them in contact with the snow. But once the bad habits are addressed then this starts breaking down.

The even pressure in the shins I don't get. Maybe a helpful hint for an intermediate to keep out of the back seat. But in a real dynamic ski turn the presure is not static in any single position in the boot or from foot to foot. This all changes in the turn and based on terrain and skier choices. That even shin pressure would, I would think, create a very non-dynamic skier style.

Boiled down I see this as a tool to create a stable balance position to build from for a skier that doesn't have that yet. But as rules to ski by, not so hot.

Very interesting concept nontheless. If only skiing were as simple as a few short rules.
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Originally Posted by John Mason
If only skiing were as simple as a few short rules.
But it is!

1. Gravity pulls you down.
2. Follow your nose.
3. You've got two feet, use them both. Hopping is for kids.
4. The direction both your feet are pointing is the direction you're going, if you're carving.
5. He who has the biggest smile is having the most fun.
(and if skiing isn't fun for you, then you'd better be getting paid BIG money to do it)
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Originally Posted by Wear The Fox Hat
Hoping is for kids.
What about hopping?
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Glad you spotted my deliberate mistake...
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Well someone had to appear to be paying attention to you Fox
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Originally Posted by John Mason
If only skiing were as simple as a few short rules.
Skiing is simple, not easy, but simple. Posted by Nolo I think.
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