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Hiking Above Lifts (Key/Breck/etc.)

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After a few years out of skiing (college in midwest), I'm moving to CO and am curious about hiking above the lifts. I'm planning on the Colorado Pass and for the hikes out to:

Bergman, Erickson, North/South Bowls at Keystone and
Peak 7/9 and Art's Bowls at Breck

It seems quite far to boot it out for non-freeheel folks?

I think a pair of freerides or naxos would really be worthwhile. Anyone hiked these recently? There are some Cat rides at Keystone, but they are $70/day for one side and $5/ride for the other.

Thanks for the help...

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Breck is installing a lift this summer that will go almost to the top of Imperial Bowl (Peak 8). I'm not sure if they are planning on letting people ski into Whale's Tail from there or not. They have said they are going to keep some of the terrain hike to only (Lake Chutes), but this doesn't make since since they are adding the lift "reduce crowding".

There will still be some good hiking on Peaks 9 and 6. At least I think it is peak 6 you hike up out of the gate in Ore Bucket. It's not that far, but the hike out of Ore Bucket is fairly steep.

You might want to boot them first, then see if you need AT bindings.
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Just a thought, if budget is a concern consider the Alpine Trekker attachment. These fit your existing skis, bindings and boots and give you a free heel for skinning up the relatively short distances from inbounds lifts. This is much less expensive than diving into new skis, freeride/naxos and skins. You will stil need to get some skins, but it will let you try it out and decide if you want to move on to lighter integrated equipment. Wildsnow has a good review here. If you eventually upgrade, resale seems good on trekkers based on what I have seen on Ebay.

If you already have some flat skis to mount bindings, the Fritschi Diamir T-3 (max DIN 10) costs about the same as the trekker (about $175). Freerides (DIN 12) are over $350 and will go up next year.
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Most of the hike- to terrain at Breck (on peaks 7 and 8) is accessible via a boot pack trail, not skinning- you need to take your skis off and hike. Too bad about the lift (yesterday's papper reported that it has been approved again)- I liked hiking up there, and liked that there were few who did it. I think that 7 will still only be accessible by foot. As I understand it, the lift will go to the top of the Imperial Bowl.
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RE: Keystone

The outback bowl hikes at keystone aren't very long or steep but that said, it's all relative. When you first get here from the midwest everything will seem long and steep. After awhile you'll be able to do laps on these bowls

I haven't hiked Bergman or Erickson because they look like pretty lengthy (although not very steep) hikes for short descents - plus I can't get any of my friends to go with me. Keystone ski patrol recommends(or requires?) beacon/shovel/probe for Erickson bowl since it's fairly steep. Bergman is pretty mellow looking. The upper windows at keystone looks pretty good - I've only done the lower section of it and have been itching to do the upper after a good storm...

Hiking the east wall at A-basin can be awesome -- after freshies and you hit it on a non-crowded day.

Post a message to this board or send me a PM when you get out here. I'm looking for someone to do those keystone hikes with... especially windows

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