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I just bought these with the Salomon 812 Titanium bindings mounted on them two weeks ago and skied them in Mammoth last week. I read all the reviews...(again skiing magazine needs to learn how to write a factual review-did not even get the dimensions right...perhaps too many margarita's when they post their reviews) and decied to stray for a bit....

The ski was a deal online with the bindings..I paid about $600.00 for both about two weeks ago..(got the last pair of 178's online) I have skied them for like 3 hours...and do not if your interested...I will sell for only $350.00..for the set!!! 310-849-2009

Though the experts loved them..I believe this is yet another case of "All Mountain" being overused. These skis are insane on hardpack, ice, bumps, but are slow in my view, (expert 6'0 200lbs) in tight spots or in shutes. Though they do bust through crud, like a locomotive and enable you to pass just about anything through tracked pow, they suffer in many other critical areas.

If your looking for a soft or hard pack ski and don't ski chutes normally, this ski may be for you!!!! and a deal insane as well...see above. 350.00..and brand new.

I just bought the new 06' scrambler hot's for one arm, leg and eyeball, (retail for over 1000.00) a few days ago, but worth every penny for my pestimistic and probably overly detailed taste. They basically ski like the M-9's I am selling, but are quicker in the chutes...with a tighter, bit more wild ride to them.