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Current Conditions at Mammoth Mountain

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Heading to Mammoth next weekend. Has anyone skied it in the past week? What terrain is open and is it worth the trip? Thanks for any input.
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I know where to find the snow report. I am looking for non-fluff, first hand insight. I hope it is as good as they say, I'm looking forward to making a few late season turns.

Thanks for your reply.
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Was there last Sun. and Mon, really nice conditions, snow stayed firm all day except got a little soft on the lower slopes in the afternoon. Never hit a rock in 2 days, skiing was awesome.
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Thank you. Anyone else?
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Was there April24 to 27. Coverage is outstanding, no rocks or anthing else to worry about. Carving skiis in the morning, fat powder skiis in the afternoon when it turns soft. That way you can ski anywhere you want. Face of #5 was awesome, nobody making the traverse so it was not cut up. Better than most of the stuff off the top. Will be going intil the 4th of july when they turn off the lifts. They still have so much snow that the guys in Washington would cry.
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Midweek Mammoth just runs the core lifts around the Main Lodge. But close to 50% of terrain is accessible if you know where to traverse. Last weekend they also ran chairs 4, 5, 10, 12, 13, which make about 70% of terrain accessible.

When and where to ski is normally a function of weather and when ungroomed terrain softens up. Grooming is excellent and they will salt the groomed runs if it's really warm. If there are any weekend crowds they will be at the mountain access points chairs 1&2.

Weather forecasts show some storm activity this week with high snow levels ~9,000 ft. This probably means rain in town and a few inches of very heavy snow on the mountain. The off-trail skiing may be unconsolidated cement until we weekenders (I will be there next weekend May 7-8) pack it down.

Normal clear spring weather with overnight freezing brings consistent spring skiing. And with the massive base and grooming/salting it really will be worthwhile into July most of the time. Worst case scenario is a cold/windy day when nothing softens, but even then there will be quite a few manageable groomed runs.
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Caught some sweet fresh - about 8-10 inches, blown in at the top on Friday.
Don't bank on that happening, but it could.


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