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K2 Patriot X Help

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Does anyone have the scoop on the K2 Patriot X skis? First let me tell you what level of skier I am. I’m a pretty advanced skier that enjoys that all mountain thing. I pretty much fly down the mountain. I ski on packed powder and, when I can find the time, I head for steamboat and ski the campaign powder. Hey, I live in Colorado, why wouldn't I? When you fall face first, there is no pain just a mouthful of snow. Actually, skiing in powder for me is not that easy. It could be the K2 CLX 7.8 skis I’m using that might be holding me back? Anyway, will I be happy with the Patriot X skis? If that is not the case, what ski would you recommend?

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I believe that the K2 patriot X skis are K2's entry level carving ski for beginners or low end intermediates from last season. I'm not 100% positive aboutt his but it seems like i have seen them in stores and i know that i saw them on ebay going for around $150. If you are an advanced skier this ski will probably not satisfy your needs, or allow you to become a better skier if you are interested in doing so. I would suggest looking toward midfats such as the K2 Axis (not the X), Rossignol Rebel X, Salomon Xscream 9, Head Cyber X 60 (not really a midfat but i hear its a hell of a ski for the price. If youa re an avid skier i would not reccommend going much below the performance of the above skis or you will be limiting yourself to the performance of the ski that you are on. just my thoughts...
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I agree with Greg, but I believe the Axis X would be ok too. The Axis X Pro might be a bit stiff. The Axis X is last year's Mod X which I have. They are handling everything I throw at them. Edge control is great, carving is great. Cacade cement doesn't bother it so powder shouldn't be a problem at all. Haven't turned up the speed on them yet to see where they would chatter, but I've kicked them in the butt a few times and they did very well.
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