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Top US Ski Resorts near Airports

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Which top US ski resorts are near Airports?

Which airport would you fly into to get to the following destinations and how long approx is the transfer time?

Jackson Hole
Steam Boat
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If I were flying from Europe to ski in the US the top 3 ski areas in close proximity to 'major' airports are:

Salt Lake City, Utah: less than an hour to Alta, Snow Bird, Park City and many other ski areas.

Reno, Nevada: less than an hour to Squaw, Alpine Meadows, and other Lake Tahoe ski areas.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming (not a major airport): less than 20 minutes to Jackson Hole Ski resort and Storm King small area
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The two that we use are the Aspen airport, with Northwest Air connecting in Memphis direct to Aspen. They have another direct flight out of Minneapolis.

Continental has a direct flight to Steamboat out of Houston. Both have a layover of around an hour for connections.
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There's no question SLC, Utah offers the easiest access to the most major resorts. Denver's access to Summit Co. would fall a close second, IMO. The drive's a little longer (< 2 hours) but it's an easy highway drive.
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You will get the most economical flights from UK to NYC to SLC with only 1 stop/change in NY and a short drive to most Utah destinations.

Aspen & Vail (Eagle airport) and Steamboat flights will most likely transfer from through Denver adding an additional stop. Same with Jackson Hole although gateway airport will most likely be SLC.

Reno airport may offer a direct flight from NY but most are 1 stop. Travel time is almost the same as California.
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Jackson Hole - Jackson airport - 20 mins
Vail - Eagle - 45 mins? Denver - 2hr 30mins
Aspen - Eagle - 30 mins? Denver - 3hrs?
Utah - Salt Lake City airport - under an hour to most resorts
Steam Boat - no idea

Check out Expedia/Opodo/Trailfinders
You can get to SLC via Chicago, Minneapolis, Atlanta, New York, and a few other places, I'm sure.
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If ifs and buts where candy and nuts then we would all have a merry christmas..........

Seriously though lots of these places have small airports but they cost much more. From the east it seems like Salt Lake is no contest, direct flights, you get there and you are there! Kind of depressing really since I am the type that likes to explore different mountains. But the travel time of say Red Mountain, Spokane + 3+ hours is far worse than Salt Lake. Even whistler is a hike when you consider all of the travel, but to be fair the drive to Whistler was the most spectacular scenery I have EVER seen in my life. I noticed watching the movie Electra recently that much of it was filmed around the Lions Head area....

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I thought Aspen had a dedicated Airport just outside of town, and Eagle serviced Vail/Beaver Creek....
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Sun Valley has its own airport as well. However it's pretty much the only thing around, besides maybe Soldier Mtn. I agree with the others... SLC is the way to go for abundant, convenient skiing.
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Alfonse, I have to comment on your signature: I love it. And the answer is only if she isn't wearing a helmet!! LewBob
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Trash Mtn, Podunk IA. I believe they have a short private runway that could handle a Piper Cub.
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Maple Ski Ridge in Princetown, NY is only a 20 minute drive from Albany International Airport.
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I am sure the intent of this thread is to talk about the Commercial Airlines accessed Airport, not GA/charter accessed airports. SLC will be the most convenient for skiing. There used to be a Commercial Airlines service to Lake Tahoe, but since it had lost so much money, now you can only fly charter/GA to Tahoe.
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For the Tahoe ski areas, Reno is closest, but don't forget to price in Sacramento (CMH) less than two all interstate hours away. Jet Blue offers steeply discounted direct service from NY and Boston, and it is an easy linkfor Southwest, America West, United, Delta and others.

I would ski Colorado more, but since United dominates Denver, discount fares are rare indeed. You guys need SWA to fly in there. Salt Lake is always competitively priced from here with Delta and SWA competing.
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Reno vs. Salt Lake

Both Reno and Salt Lake are a simple drive up Interstate 80 to multiple ski areas. From Salt Lake the skiing is slightly closer, say 25 minutes vs 45 minutes from Reno for the closest skiing (remembering that Mt. Rose is probably only 20 minutes from Reno). Then the discussion becomes Californian skiing vs. Utah skiing, and Nevada (gambling, et al)/California nightlife vs. Utah nightlife (?). Both are international airports with Salt Lake probably being the bigger airport with more options. All three states are a head fake for folks from back east, let alone international visitors :
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Thanks for the replys so far.

Here's a map of the Austria with the ski resorts http://www.bergfex.com/austria/
does anybody have something similar for the US and/or Canada?
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Every morning in Lech, I turned on the TV to the channel that gives conditions updates (accompanied by oompah music and a quick camera pan) on Austria's ski areas. It spends approx 15 seconds on each resort, and seemed to take half an hour to go through all of them.

I'd give my right arm to be able to move to Austria for a year or two and hit up as many as possible.
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Originally Posted by DangerousBrian
Thanks for the replys so far.

Here's a map of the Austria with the ski resorts http://www.bergfex.com/austria/
does anybody have something similar for the US and/or Canada?
The Ski Resorts Guide site has a map showing resort location for each US state and Canadian Providence.
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Yes....Steamboat and Aspen have commercial service.

If one opts to drive from DIA I would plan on 3.5 hours to Aspen or Steamboat. That time is based upon dry roads and no Denver traffic.
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no denver traffic?? PLEASE,,,,, there is ALWAYS traffic in Denver, unless you drive thru at 3am
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Every ski resort has an airport nearby if you can be flexible with your defintion of "nearby".

Picking a ski resort based on proximity to an airport reminds me of something a BYU coach said once...I can't remember it exactly, but basically it was about how hard it was to have a winning team when the other coaches can pick from a pool of the best athletes, and you have to pick from a pool of the best Christian athletes.
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Nearby = possible to get there using public transport, i.e. not requiring car hire.
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If you are comming from the East-Coast or any other foreign country.Want to enjoy a Western USA winter vacation and recieve the most value for your money:
You should Fly into
Reno Nevada

And Enjoy

Thank you
PS: SAME TRIP IN SPRING OR SUMMER (You will remember it the rest of your life)
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