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ESA 06, Can you help?

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My wife and skiing partner(Cheryl), are planning on attending ESA 06. I will be in my third season on skis by then and my wife who skied for many years in the 70's and 80's will be on her 3rd season,again, after many years off. We are both intermediate skiers. My wife loves to ski but not so aggressively. She has some concerns about being pushed too far above her ability and comfort zone if she attends the Academy as a participant. I guess some of that is my fault, since I talk to her a lot about the technical side of skiing and how most of the skiers on the forum seem to be really advanced. I was just wondering if there are any women skiers who felt a bit hesitant in joining the ESA for the same reasons as Cheryl who would like to relate their experiences after participating in the Academy? Were your concerns founded in reality, and did you feel pushed beyond your comfort zone? I obviously can't give any first hand knowledge never having been a participant, and most of the comments I have read seem to be from pretty advanced skiers already.
I know that the Academy is a LONG way off, but I tend to plan some things like this way too early. In my defense, however, I am excited already to be going back to the Utah area.
Thanks in advance to any who can share your experiences.
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I videoed at this year's ESA. I had a lot of free time to watch the classes on the slopes. The thing that impressed me the most was how well the groups were put together. Most ski lessons break people up into 3 categories that cover a broad range of skills. At the academy they were using 10 levels and sometimes even more refined than that. The net result was nobody was way ahead or way behind their group. (It also meant that the classes didn't become private lessons with an audience as many group lessons become.)

Since the groups were very close in skill levels and spend 4 days together they become very close and supportive especially at the lower levels. I didn't see anyone showing off or being pushed (except by themselves) the entire time. I can't think of any other venue where your wife can get the quality coaching she would get at the academy. Add in the supportive atmosphere and you can't come up with a better situation for your wife.
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WORD!! I've posted volumes on this, but I'm not sure if it's in the archives. I was the quintessential non-agressive skier, and had the same fears that Cheryl speaks of. There are always at least three others with the same issues. I felt coaxed and enabled, but not pushed.

If this injury has not put me completely into the poverty zone, and I can afford to attend next year, while my skills may be the same or better, I've taken 20 steps back as far as confidence. Cheryl will not be alone.
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Grrrrrrrrrr, LM, why would you set yourself up for a reversal???? You don't even KNOW that you won't be top notch again.....it's months away! If you THINK you're not confident, I'll bet you dollars to donuts you WILL be unconfident. Stop that.

As for being pushed out of the comfort zone, yes, I believe I was! I didn't get hurt in the least. Matter of fact, I improved immensely because I WAS out of my comfort zone. No one took me where I couldn't go. I was safe at all times. Why worry? Just enjoy the new places you'll be sniffing about.

Go for it!
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My wife and I attended the ESA 05 (see the thread "taking the wife to the next level"). I wanted to be pushed, she doesn't like to be pushed at all. Well, at the end she was the one who suggested we should return for the ESA 06 ( and we plan to) Go for it. You will all LOVE it.
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I know a number of couples who are either already registered or simply planning on attending. In more than one case, neither person is an EpicSki.com regular contributor and they are very "non-technical" in their approach to skiing. Some of you may have met my friend Tim at ESA '05. Next year, he's returning with his wife and at least two other couples, none of whom are "technical" in terms of their approach to skiing.

I do not think mkevenson's wife will be alone at all!

If I can accomplish my goal of having Terry (my bride of 21 years) join us, you can add another to the list. I don't think it's unusual to have a partnering of one highly technical person with a non-technical one. It can be a relief for the non-technical one to have the other get his fill at an event like this...
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