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if you skied over 20 days this year - what kind of job do you have

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after looking at the other thread about how many days you've skied this year - i started to wonder how you guys manage to do it.

I skied 28 days this year - the most i have. I own a small business that allows me the flexibility to set my times. if there is anything that prevented me from skiing maybe 7-8 days more - it was social/family pressure.

I am just curious to know what kind of jobs do you guys hold that is so flexible that you can ski 30,40,50 days. Especially if you don't live within a 30-45 min drive to your ski resort.

besides - the constraints your jobs puts (or does not) on you - what about family constraints( having to share some kids related responsibilities etc.)
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While I didn't make it up much this year compared to usual due to bad PNW weather and an injury, I usually ski around 35 days per season. I have grown kids and my GF skis. I teach and am a performing musician. As a teacher I get two weeks off around Christmas, one week at Presidents day, and one week in early April. I try to fill these weeks with ski trips or day trips to Mt. Baker. I usually go to somewhere in interior B.C. for a few days on M.L. King weekend and end up at Whistler for a few days in the spring.

I would go more often, but I have quite a few professional duties and gigs on the weekend that keep me busy, sometimes making it so that I can't get to the slopes on a given day. I'm very busy through the winter and, needless to say, the cleaning just doesn't get done.
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Ski patrol.

And even though I won't be patrolling next year I plan on getting 80+. I'm a full-time firefighter now and that means 10 shifts a month and 20 days off. And my captain told me last night that since i'm a rookie i'll most likely have to take my vacation in the winter. Poor me, ha!
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Excellent question! I see Pheft has to confine himself to weekends and holiday periods. A lot of skiers brag about how they never ski on weekends, thereby avoiding crowds and saving money. Either they're lucky or they made lifestyle sacrifices. I am now close enough to retirement that I think about saving vacation days so I can get paid in full after I retire. Therefore if I take a vacation day to ski during the week, it will literally cost me a day's pay. So I ski weekends and more-or-less limit myself to the less-popular and less-expensive areas. It would be worth taking a vacation if I could get the whole family together for it, but my wife doesn't ski and my kids are grown and scattered.
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I quit working at 45, in my peak earning years. Hey, life is not a dress rehearsal.
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This thread is a little premature, as my ski season doesn't end 'til June...yay Whistler!
I'll get back to you with a count in a couple of months!

To answer the question: I'm an artist. I'm totally portable, and always on my own 'schedule'.
It isn't hasn't always been an easy life, but it has been a rich one.
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my first 20+ day season

snow at baldy this year
and a 10-month season at mammoth (ain't done yet).
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I am a ski writer. My husband is a volunteer ski patroller. One kid left in the house, sometimes he skis with us, sometimes he doesn't. When spring rolls around, we realize how the household has gone to hell in a handbasket. Needless to say, we've been doing a lot of spring cleaning lately!

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I work Mon-Fri and some weekends but manage to get in around 25-35 days. I use all my vaca time for ski trips and pretty much ignore my family(no kids) in the winter. I am moving to Utah in 2 weeks though and will be looking for a more skier friendly job. ZZZ, where can I get one of those applications?
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I do graveyard shift. It's great when there is snow in the local mtns, I can go 2-3 times a week if I want.
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I am a development director in an IT company in Toronto. Full time job. Closest hill is 1 hour away from my house. How do I get 47 days?

I ski every weekend and often both Saturday and Sunday (I usually ski non-stop between 8:30AM and 1:30PM and then go back home). During Christmas-New Year I skied 9 consecutive days in Quebec. In the spring I went for another 8 consecutive days of skiing in Quebec. I have no kids and a very understanding wife. Thankfully she also skis, although not nearly as much as I do.
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I got only 15 days this year but in each of the prior 4 seasons got at least 25 days. and this year I was self-employed but didn't work any so basically I was unemployed.

I got 33 days 3 seasons ago while working as an in-house lawyer. those were all weekend, holiday and other "office closed" days, aside from 3 vacation days. so that means 30 days without having to be on vacation or "sick."

what are your priorities? -- that's what you need to ask yourself.
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About 28 days for me - - University professor - I set up my classes and office hours so that every week for the short season we have around here, at minimum I get up to the mountain one weekend day plus one mid-week day to teach. Usually, I also manage to fit in several more days of free skiing with my daughter.

Tom / PM
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57 days this year. I work as an attorney in Denver. I ski mostly every weekend from November through closing day in April, took a week of vacation for ESA and a week of vacation in December when some friends from out of town came in, plus Christmas and New Year's. Occasionally, I have to go to Glenwood Springs, Grand Junction or Vail for work and I always make sure my skis are in my car so I can get a half day of skiing in conjunction with work. Monday through Thursday, I crank out the work so I can leave early to get up to the mountains for the weekend.
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I am a NJ lawyer. Luckily, I am in a position that allows me to take off when I need to. Skiing is very important to my family. In winter, we head out to Utah for 3 8-10 day trips and 2-3 long weekends.
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I'm just lucky enough to have a job that I can do what I do in the evenings if I skip the office for skiing. Most questions that come my way and can't wait can be answered over the phone.
So, basically, email and a cell phone are pretty much responsible for my being to ski +/- 50 days/season.
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I teach skiing. Have done so on a more-or-less full-time basis since 1970. I've averaged 100 days a year since then. Got in 120 this season. For the first 20 years I taught, I had a night job that paid my basic bills. Since then I've been self-employed or retired, getting a small pension and social security. Before 1970, I averaged 50 days a year for five years while working a day job. I skied every weekend and spent all my vacation time skiing.
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Just the wife and I and both love to ski. Both work Mon-Fri so its 4-5 hrs up and back for one dayers or weekend and vacations. We both get about 5 weeks off per year vac that helps. And the willingness to leave the house at 4:30am to get on the lift by 9-9:30. 24 days so far with a couple more planned.
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I'm a photographer. So I try to make money while skiing.
I also contact clients/edit work/etc anywhere there is a computer and internet connection. And also have developed a very seasonal business that has me most busy between june & august and leaves the rest of the year for mostly play.
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I am a telecomm Consultant. Work on CTI applications. Currently contracted by SBC. I live withing 30 min of multiple ski areas. I travel for work fly out Monday Fly home Thursday/Friday. Some weeks I Telecommute, and work night hours to do upgrades / cutovers. So some weeks I was able Ski most of the Day and then work. I have no wife no kids. I work and Ski/ Golf Guessing >80 days this year
PS: Toughest thing is keeping a Girl Freind (I'm out of town to much)
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My 70+ days started in October. I ski w/ the family on the weekends during the season. I then switch to the BC in the pre and post season, when it stays light longer. Once a week, I "work from the home office" and hike to get my turns early or late in the day, depending on conditions. It doesn't hurt that the Wasatch Crest is my back yard, and I can literally put my skis on from my back deck and head up 3,000' to the Crest.

Edit: Oops - didn't add my job: Biotech Executive
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I own my own business - recording studio recording narration for training and interactive media. I skied 54 days this year. Took off Friday's so skied every Fri-Sun (1:10 drive each way, each day!), take a 2 week trip to Vail every year, and about 8 or 9 mornings ski 9-11:30 (15 minutes from home hour from work) and then go to work and work late.
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i get 6 weeks paid vacation/sick time per year...so in lieu of taking week-long vacations in the summer, i'll take off weekdays to get at powder days, nicest spring weather etc...and i avoid getting sick enough to stay home...every sick day is one less day on the slopes!
my boss is very understanding of my ski habit, so i often pick my days on a day or two notice...result: i got in more excellent days this season than any before. key now is saving+accumulating days over next 6 mos. (that is, after k-mart closes)
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I'm an anesthesiologist in academia. We get the day after 1st call off, so from Nov-June I am almost always skiing that day (2-3/month mid-week). If it was a bad night, I sleep late and ski for just a half-day (I'm only about 55 minutes- 1 hour from A-Basin or Loveland, 1:15 from Breck, and 1:35 from Vail with good roads and traffic). I lecture at a meeting in Vail every year (5 midweek days there). I take at least 3 3-5 day trips during the year, and have no aversion to skiing on Sundays, as I can usually find places on the mountain that are not too crowded, and I ski from early season to the bitter end in June. 37 days so far, and I expect to easily break 40 this year.
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Full time Ski Instructor Thursday-Sunday plus Thursday and Friday Nights And also 8 AM-8 PM on Holiday weeks ( between helping out Killington for their "British Invasion" and working at my home mountain I skied and worked 18 days in a row 2/10-2/27. That allows for my 100+ days skiing. Now to pay the bills I have a sign store on the internet at www.ThatSignGuy.com and also on eBay and I do advertising consulting and simple web sites for small "Mom and Pop" businesses www.SiteByStache.com . Many days I take my laptop to the mountain and when there are no lessons (read no $$) then I fire up the portable office and do my work in the pro room, with my ski boots on, in between lineups.
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25 isn't that much. i work monday through friday 7:30-4:30 and usually end up pulling lots of 12-14 hour days during january. ski every weekend you can and don't take vacation during the summer, save it up for the snowy months. i live 2-3 hours from any good skiing and will have gotten out better than 35 times before this season is over. november through may is half a year to be making turns. i am actually disappointed with the amount of ski days i got this year despite it being my highest season to date. then again, it's not the quantity but the quality that really counts. but when you can have both, that's when it's really good
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Naval Officer, ~45-50 days.

I live about 30 minutes from the closest ski resort, which while it's a small mountain, I've learned to take any skiing over no skiing. Plus I took my skis anytime I went on a trip for any other reason. Turns out a business trip to Colorado was my only Big Mountain experience this year, as I couldn't get enough time off to go any further than New York.
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I am a photographer, with a slow season from mid-November thru March. If midwest weather would allow, and we had more challenging terrain, I could easily get in 50 days a season. Add in a trip or 2 out west and I could hit 65!
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I live in Seattle, have my own consulting biz, so though I work a lot, have a lot of flexibility. Alpental is about a 55 minute drive from my house (when no Seattle traffic), so I can easily ski 9-1 and be home, showered and ready to hang out with wife and family by 3. There is also night skiing, so can take off, ski hard from 6-9 pm and be in bed by 11.
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