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Best Wishes to Tsavo

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As she undergoes shoulder surgery. She's stronger than all of us put together. As Chris Geib says: "Rehab like a girl!"

See ya' at the Physical Terrorist's chicka!
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What LM said!!

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Good Luck and let me know how it turns out. I have to have my shoulder operated on also, but I have delayed it until after the close of the school year(so I don't miss work) and my class I am enrolled in is over.
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Good god, woman, you too? Girl, my heart is with you. Good luck and speedy rehab.

I do like what Chris said. Can I use that, too???
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Absolutely, Liz!! I hope your Rehab is quick and smooth
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Rehab ain't ever quick and smooth on shoulders unfortunately, but I do hope it is successful! How long you gonna be in a sling? On the same subject, anyone hear how Falline is doing from her shoulder-wack last Sunday? Lew
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Thanks LM and all the others! I will let you know how things turn out when I'm able to sit and type (hopefully very soon).
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Tsavo, know you're in our thoughts and prayers. Let us know when you can...
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Hope you rehab soon Tsavo, it was great meeting you at Loveland.
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Hope all went well. Hopefully you'll get back to being a "bagger" by late in the summer.


Of course we could sell the video of that fall
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Queen "Buttercup" herself is safely tucked away at home as we type. All is well and apart from some pain when she laughs and the boredom, she is doing pretty darn well!

I bet she will be here posting about her progress before we know it.
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klkaye, thanks for letting us know!
Originally Posted by mikewil
Of course we could sell the video of that fall
Now, there's an idea! "Professional skier, do not try this at home..."
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What happened? Was it pivot slips again?
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Originally Posted by nolo
What happened? Was it pivot slips again?
Nope. She tried to do an old-fashioned Wayne Wong-style jet turn (as I have had it explained to me) and landed on her shoulder. Twice. :

It just happened that it was during a video session with Tom, so it's all on film. "Yep, kids, this is how I ruptured my shoulder..." :

Get better, fast, Katy. Then, you can really beat on me when you see me next!
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Ouch! WayneWrong.
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Can we hope to see that video posted here, or on OnSnow?
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