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degrees schmegrees...NOW I understand

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Please don't let them hurt me again. Viscious, they are. Damn physical therapists. Had ACL reconstructed seven days ago but who's counting. Got over all the post op, post anesthsia nastiness, then straight to PT.

Good god, the worst part is when you are trying to hide your tears which are more from frustration and feeling totally pathetic than real physical pain, they will look you straight in the eye and ask empathetically if you are ok. Maybe its just me, but that made me want to cry even more.

Today was a bad day. Thanks for letting me vent.
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Oh My God, Liz!!! I understand, really. It's worse when it happens to people like us, who are usually strong for others. Now you know how your most out of shape student feels. It will get better, I promise.

Now you know why they call them Physical Terrorists!:
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Hey Liz. I wish you a vision of floating through billowing waves of Utah's finest with sunlight glistening off the crystals to occupy your mind while you are experiencing torture at the hands of a certified professional.
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I do know your pain and frustration (7 months PT for rotator cuff) but I'm grateful for my physical therapist. Without her I fear to think how the pain would have stopped me from doing what I needed to regain full use. She took no pleasure in my pain but didn't allow her sympathy to deter her from her professional obligation. Surgery was the easy part and that pain was expected. I seldom hear people call the orthopods torturers yet the PTs are often the object of our scorn.

Just smile through your tears and thank them for the exquisite pain. You don't think I'm a masochist do you?:

Seriously, good luck on your rehab, the real road to recovery is just beginning.
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It's worth it. You could try a glass of wine or two before you go to your next torture session. It's easier if you just accept it as a fait accomplis. Hand over your limbs and relax and get them back tired and sore an hour later. I have a very high pain threshold, so my problem was being able to tell what was too much. It's no use taking three steps backwards for two steps forwards. Monitor it carefully.
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LM, its so true, it just blows my mind when I think of how I must have appeared as a pure punisher to all my new students, even in my softer moments. You want me to do that for HOW much longer???

Nolo, I am so grateful for your suggestion. It is the most perfect visualization . It actually makes me breath deeper just thinking of how perfect that would be. I'm using it for sure tomorrow whilst in their hands.

Now that wine, hmmm, what do you say to wine at 7:30am? I'm already worried that I'm going to get addicted to Oxycontin, better know as good old Percocet by taking two before bed as religiously as a Catholic at Mass.

I guess what I really mean is thanks for all your support. It helps, even tho I don't know half of you. There are good moments, and bad moments. I'll know the end of tunnel when I see it. It will be when the good moments outnumber the bad ones.

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Seriously, my PT advised me to take percocet prior to sessions. Don't need it now, but for awhile, I was a stoner!
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