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Head skis for 05/06

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Just found: http://www.univie.ac.at/USI-Wien/dow..._Altar_Ski.pdf

New naming convention for C series. For example i.C160 became C260i .
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Stocklis by Head?

I've heard that Head makes some of the skis in the Stockli line. Does anyone know which Stockli models are made by Head and what models in the Head line correspond to them?
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Figures. As soon as I buy the 04/05 mojos, they make the mojo 90's in 193.

anybody looking for a pair of mad trix mojos @ 186, tyrolia mad flex 9 center mounted to 325 mm boot sole?

those graphics are sweet
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The new naming convention for the C series is a result of having changed the construction a fair bit. I can't remember off hand what they call it, but it's basically using some new materials (looks like there may be some foam), and integrating the rails into the core (ie they're not just attached on top, they're moulded in as part of the core). I think the main improvement is that they're more lightweight.
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thought some of you guys mind find interest in this article about Heads new "liquid metal" technology: http://www.news.head.com/landing/?li...9b9e4e336b8677
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