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Karhu Jax - AT bindings?

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Hey BC enthusiasts....so I scored a set of Karhu Jax prototypes from a friend of mine and my question is this...what bindings would you recommend for these? I want something adaptable to BC (ie free heel to skin up and lock in for skiing down). Any recommendations? I don't really want to "learn to tele" as I think I'll need all the ability I have in bc.

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Fritschi Freeride or Naxo make the Two most popular AT bindings, Cant go wrong with either. No real down hill abilitly sacrificed.
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Buy 'em now if you can find them, both are gonna cost $100 more next year thanks to the weak dollar.
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Thanks much!
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I'd recommend Freerides.

On a side note: if you intend to hike up a lot of vert consider an AT boot as well - good deals should be up in the mean time too.
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