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Gathering 2006 Announcement!

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And the answer is...

The Place: Park City
The Dates: Saturday February 4 through Tuesday February 7, 2006

Whether you are groomer fan or prefer skiing off-piste, the Park City area has something for everyone. If you don't already know the layout, there are three resorts within a few minutes of town. These are The Canyons, Deer Valley, and Park City Mountain Resort. Day trips to other areas are also possible.

The start date should make it easy for ESA attendees to attend the Gathering as well. Having ESA and the Gathering back to back in 2004 was popular in general and especially popular with our international attendees. So we've gone back to that schedule. And air access via SLC is as easy as it gets.

In case you are wondering about the selection process... I'd like to say that the couple dozen of us who showed up at Kicking Horse gathered for the "traditional" venue selection dinner, consumed much beer, and voted on the 4 or 5 candidate locations shouted out by the crowd. I'd like to say that, but it didn't quite work out that way. Gathering 2005 was a bust. A total of four Bears showed up in two groups that never connected. So those of us who were at Kicking Horse ended up doing a virtual dinner and vote. Ryan, L7, Leeroy and I banged around a number of alternatives. We kicked around what made Kicking Horse a disaster vs the raging success of Jackson Hole the year before. We also got some input & perspective from nolo, AC and a few Park City locals. The posts in Si's thread also helped solidify our thinking. Thanks to everyone who chimed in there.

Park City won because:
  • The three local resorts have lots of excellent skiing - beginner through expert.
  • It is easy access for folks attending ESA.
  • It is easy access for anyone flying in from other areas.
  • Lots and lots of lodging options.
  • It has a critical mass of local Bears who can help us get our act together and can be our "native guides" (thanks in advance to Mr. Crab, Canyons, Utah49, and anyone else who rises to the occasion... )
  • Post-Gathering, anyone making a week of it can stick around Park City or migrate to any of a number of other world class resorts nearby. The opportunities are almost limitless.
Mark your calendars. We hope to see you there!
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Excellent! Thanks a lot Spindrift and the rest of the organizing team. These guys worked hard on this, and I appreciate your efforts. Thanks guys.
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Thanks, Spindrift!
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(even though I meant somewhere else by my Peter Cetera post yesterday!)

I'll be there!
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Good choice guys. The ease of airport access and proximity of the ESA location make this event a "can't miss" in terms of success, IMO.

Thanks also for the effort to get this thing kicked off.
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Originally Posted by Wear The Fox Hat
I'll be there!
So will I!
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Cool. Other than the 3.2 beer it's a perfect choice Nice to have it back adjacent to ESA again; should be a great excuse for even more time off from work.
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Seems like a silent majority of posters on the forum are from Colorado which you guys always pass over for some reeason. Look at the sucess of the meeting at Loveland last week. Doesn't that give you some idea of how great a Colorado meeting place could be? No, you probably don't.

You guys got wet pants for Utah all the time?

Sorry, the skiing's fine in Colorado, plus it's cheap with the season pass. Hey, Utah is great skiing also but it's more convenient for alot of people including myself to meet in Colorado.
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it's simple

show up and vote.

EDIT: further, w/o getting into what informed the decision to do park city (you need to actually be present to be part of that), there is absolutely ZERO reason for whomever wants to gather in colorado, or mammoth, or killington, or BumF-Egypt, to not do exactly that. a Gathering is hardly a Yalta conference. haven't there already been mid-atlantic get-togethers, for instance?

no, there's nothing wrong with colorado, lars. (and last i checked, my pants were dry.) we could swap points about colorado vs. utah till we both turn blue and i wonder if we'd really educate each other beyond what we already know. telluride had been mentioned, for what it's worth, and a couple other places. (personally, if i had my druthers, the Gathering would be at Mammoth but it seemed that would probably drop the number of attendees significantly, while the goal - or A goal - is to make it so a large group will want to and be able to attend. again, i'd probably have leaned toward Ogden (powder mountain, snowbasin) but i can get there from park city easily enough, while others can ski any of the three hills in park city, or head out to either of the canyons, or check out sundance, etc.

as you know, lars, there's no pleasing everyone. there is no conspiracy. i have had some great days skiing in colorado. who knows, maybe enough who feel as you will show up in utah and make damn sure G-07 is in colorado.
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Plan Ahead 4 Sunday

Originally Posted by MarkXS
Cool. Other than the 3.2 beer it's a perfect choice .
Liquor Store
(435) 649-7254 1901 Sidewinder Dr
Park City, UT
Main St Liquor Store
(435) 649-3293 524 Main St
Park City, UT
State Liquor Store
(435) 658-0860 1612 Ute Blvd
Park City, UT
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the one on main street is the one downstairs, right? they always have my sierra nevada.
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to those planning to do the PC gathering,, rember there is a lodging packege, where you can get get one pass for all 3 resorts in PC. It's called the silver passport(or something to that effect) and it's good at one resort, each day. I think you need a 3 night min stay to get it. can help you out with the info, as well as all three resorts.

Also remebr once you get to PC you do not need the car, unless your planning a day on the fron side resorts, even then there are shuttle companies that will take you over and back. And don't forget, try the Utah Ski Interconnect,, that has been posted in another forum here.

Yes you can get sierra nevada pale ale in Utah.
I know, cause i had to load of it from the brewery to the DABC warehouse last fall. What Utah needs is to allow Big Sky Brewing from Montana, to sell Montana Moose Drool. Then i'd almost consider moving back NOT !
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maybe Rio will honor us with his presence (while bringing up a load of moose drool).
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OR i could 'bootleg'
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Originally Posted by ryan
maybe Rio will honor us with his presence (while bringing up a load of moose drool).
I hope to come and if I do I won't waste precious space packing Moose Drool. Lang's Tri-Motor Amber Ale and Blackwidow Oatmeal Stout are the best of the bottled Montana brews so I'll try to bring along as much of that as possible along with a couple good wines from the State of Jefferson.
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Curious THIRSTY fishy

Originally Posted by Rio
along with a couple good wines from the State of Jefferson.

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State of Jefferson

The State of Jefferson is the far northern part of California and the Southwest portion of Oregon. It is where I lived most of my life and where SLATZ is planning to retire. The two regions share more in common with each other than the states they are in leading to talk (and a couple attempts) about forming a separate state called Jefferson. The region is best know for its superior marjiuana products but there are some excellent vinyards there, also. Whenever I'm back visiting I always drag a couple cases of wine back with me.

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Excellent choice, the turnout should be a lot higher than last year. Yes there are always areas that may appeal more to some, but to make a Gathering a success it needs numbers. Remember it is all about getting bears together, not skiing the most intersting place. Maybe we could continue the gathering the following week in Steamboat?

A side trip to Snowbasin on the Friday would tempt me as long as transport was available. Really enjoyed my day at Snowbasin on my last trip, got a powder day. I also enjoyed the Canyons (guided by InspectorGadget) and Park City so don't mind going back there at all.

In fact my day at Park City was one of the surprises of the holiday because we went with no expectations and had a great time out the back, can't remember the names - McConkeys? Jupiter? - their trail map online has no names, how werid is that.
Alta was the biggest disappointment of my last trip because I went there with such high expectations. Java Joe at Alta made the best coffee of our trip, so that was some consolation.

Fingers crossed that finances and leave and life in general will come together so i can attend, is still a long way off yet. Adrian is tempted to come back too.
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I'm confused by the off day between the Academy and the Gathering. Why not start the Gathering on the 3rd?
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OFF day

Originally Posted by jstraw
I'm confused by the off day between the Academy and the Gathering. Why not start the Gathering on the 3rd?
Online Forum Friday?

The Wintersteigers howl in protest at the overload.

The liquor trucks are triple parked.

The roaches get 5.8 GHz brain cancers.

We solve Global Warming.
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i'm guessing there'll be a few early arrivals (friday) for the gathering, myself included. (my deer valley day, most likely.) also, that one day might be a big break for the academy attendees who want to give their legs a day off before the gathering starts.
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OMG I forgot

Originally Posted by ryan
academy attendees who want to give their legs a day off before the gathering starts.
Boot funk wafts.
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What's the drive time from the ESA 06 venue at Snowbird to Park City?
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I have to negotiate with the spousal unit for the event double-dip...the extra day causes extra pain...just sayin'...
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you're heard.
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Originally Posted by spyderjon
What's the drive time from the ESA 06 venue at Snowbird to Park City?
My guess it is only about an hour from Snowbird to Park City, less if you are in SLC. Closer to the time we could arrange somewhere to meet on the Friday for those whose legs are up to it....nolo has been suggesting Snowbasin for the Friday. Snowbasin would be just a detour on the way.
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I'll probably need a rest day if I stay for the would be cool to have a social (non-skiing) for people already in the area Friday or Friday evening. Chances are that I'd stay for a day or two of the Gathering but not all of it.
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It is a safe bet that we'll tap our local experts to help select a Friday "night before" evening drinks &/or dinner spot. Another thing that worked in Jackson...

Also it is pretty clear that a preGathering Friday ski will shape up. However, as others have noted, lots of the ESA crowd seems likely to want a break (or partial break) day. If I make it in early, I'd sure be up for Snowbasin. On the other hand, we could shoot out to Snowbasin on one of the main days too. A happy problem to consider!

I suspect there'd be some interest in exploring a couple of lodging discount packages, etc., in town????
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Lodging: Friends in SLC and PC area.

Airfare: Frequent Flyer Miles

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Originally Posted by spindrift
I suspect there'd be some interest in exploring a couple of lodging discount packages, etc., in town????
I'd be interested in a lodging discount package if I cannot get a timeshare exchange. It is also more fun if everyone is staying in the same vicinity, easier to meet up for drinks/dinner etc.
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