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new slalom race skis

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There has been such radical change ,I would be interested in sidecut, construction, and suggested lengths for next years new crop of race skis.What's happening with Volkl, Atomic, Fischer, Stockli, Head, etc. Hearing great things, what do you think?
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All of these skis are good. Just grab the ones you like. demo some. K2 has some very nice race skis out for next year. Take a look at their web site.
Are you racing? If not, why then race skis? Race skis are specific. They will fall short if used for all mountain. Sometimes we go for race skis because it strokes our egos. Not meant to be a salm on you at all! ok? I don't race therefore I don't buy a race ski, even though my ego tries to tell me I gotta have the stiffest, the spendiest, the fastest ski around.
If you race look at the new K2 line. They are very impressive. Also, in their ads they tell you what kind of wood is used in each, not just the word... 'wood' like some other vendors! Volkl has good oones. Try Bandit XXX's, very stiff, very fast. Dynamic had a straight ski years ago which will still give most skis today a good run for their money... the VR 27's. The 17's had edges come off; the 29's dlaminated, but the 27's were incredible. I used to have a pair... talk about high speed stability! Wow! Why don't I have them anymore? Burned them up in a car fire!
The deeper the sidecut, the easier itis to turn. these skis today take 66% less energy than straight skis. My Mod X's (incredible ski) has a 16mm side cut. For racing go a little less. Say 14mm.
You ski these 10 to 15cm's shorter than a straight ski. Teh ski will have the high speed stability of a 10-15cm longer ski.
Ski length should come to just over your head, give or take a couple of cm's. The tip or shovel should curl over your head just as your forhead curls into your scalp. Go a bit longer if you care more for high speed carves and GS or super GS, or downhill racing, than you do short turns and slalom racing.
You might like the Mod X Pro's from K2. 2 sheets of titanium, very stiff ski.

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I have next year's Head Slalom Race Ski (World Cup Slalom Ti). It is a great ski and is surprisingly versatile. And it's a lot of fun. It has a good speed range, generally forgiving, and did well in powderof 6-8 inches. It is also good in the slalom course - but at 185lbs., I went with the 170's for more all purpose activity, rather than the 160 for pure gate use.
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Next year for Atomic will see the addition of a new even more shaped slalom ski to go along with the unchanged BetaRace 9.16. The BetaRace 9.12 will use Carbon Power Channels and a VarioCharger plate as opposed to the Titanium PC and RaceCharger plate on the 9.16.

The 9.16 is still intended to be the real racer, where the 9.12 will be for masters and less powerful racers.

The lengths for the Race 9.12 are 140cm through 170cm and the Race 9.16 are 160cm and 170cm. Since the Race 9.16's intention is racing, and Atomic has introduced more Free Carve models, the 180cm Race 9.16 has been dropped from the line. FIS minimum is 155cm for slalom. Just a little secret so don't be blabbing all over. Atomic's Team SL skis are 9.12 shape with 9.16 construction. Women have a 155cm and men have a 171cm.

All said, unless racing is your intention, look at some of the Free Carvers for next season. Similar shapes to slalom racers, but with slightly more width under foot. The BetaCarv 9.18, 10.16 and 11.16 are much more versatile than the BetaRace models.<FONT size="1">

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I'm also looking for a short carving ski and wonder about the Atomic Smartski. Anybody skied this? What's it like? How would it compare to the Beta Carv 9.10 or the Beta Carv 10.16? Is the 9.10 a carve only ski, or can it cruise round the mountain? Can the Smartski lay some decent trenches or is it too soft? finally, BetaRacer, what lengths does Atomic recommend for these skis? I'm 6' 160 and prefer short turns to stability so i'm thinking 170, but perhaps shorter would be the ticket? thanks--trey
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Regarding the Atomic Team SL ski for men. Are you saying that they will go to a 171 cm length next year instead of the 173 cm ski they used this year?
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Regarding the Atomic Team SL ski for men. Are you saying that they will go to a 171 cm length next year instead of the 173 cm ski they used this year?
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Trey , my wife's been on the blue Smartzone for the last while and loves them , she's a very aggresive technical skier that skis most any type of terrain.
She ended up skiing gates on them a couple times and couldn't believe how they held an edge , also seemed to make her happy in powder and the bumps. Another ski that Betaracer mentioned is the 11.16 , I've had them out a few times and in one word you can describe that ski....WOW....these things have energy to spare.
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The Team 9.16 from the latter part of this year, and for next season has 173cm painted on as the length, and 160cm on the women's, but they measure 171cm and 155cm respectively.


The 9.10 is a carve only ski. The extreme short length is not condusive to all mountain use. The Smartzone PC might be stiff enough for you, but I would point you towards either the Carv 9.18 or 10.16 in a 170 for what you want out of the ski. Of course, only you can make the final choice, so demo, demo, demo.
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BetaRacer; what are the dimensions of the 9.12 and 9.16 ?
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I would also suggest the ModX by K2. it carves wonderfully but also will turn on a dime and give you nine cents change. A bit stiffer... the Mod X Pro. Others to look at are the Bandit XX and XXX, depending on how stiff you want to go.

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Old Man,

go there for measurement info
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Thansk for the info, Beta. I loved this years 9:18 on the groomed and next years looks more versitle given the wider waist. Plus i like the nu Device binding b/c it's amazingly lite. In fact i'd like to see all Atomics skis use it. Heresy for some i know...
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thanks Leeroy...ummmmm....errrrr don't suppose you could give me an idea as to errrr where you wife's ummm weight falls in relation to my 160? LOL
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Trey , around 130 and 5 ft 4in. , skiing them in a 170cm.
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K2 has the Mach S for carve and slalom. Skied 30cm's shorter than straight ski as opposed to 15 cm's shorter! That is straight from K2's website, and an e-mail response to me.

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