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Next year's Volkl AC4 on EBay

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I don't think that these are being offered with pistons. In the auction, I think pistons cost an add'l. $60. I have some AC4 w/ pistons for $750 shipped.
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Don't even waste your time or money with the Marker 1200 binding. I would definetly go with the Marker Motion AT with P.C.O.S.(piston control oil suspension). this is the binding that should be used on the Volkl Unlimited AC4.
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Ah, I did not notice that, but I wouldn't buy them with Markers anyway. Buy 'em flat and put trusty Look/Rossi turntables on them.
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ATown, why the PCOS, I'm not so sure I like the idea of it... but I haven't skied it. (i'd probably mount like Billiam, but I'm kinda looking to explore new set ups because all this talk of Ramp, Forward lean and Especially Delta angle has me wondering)
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RJP, I like the PCOS set-up because it takes all of the bad vibrations out of the ski. It also takes out a lot of the beating and bashing from below. The PCOS makes the ski super stable. Think of it as a shock absorber on a car.
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The piston system seems like a great idea for skiing harder snow, but I still don't trust Markers.
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Billiam, everyone has their own preferance in bindings and ski. I was just wondering if you tend to purchase more Rossignol and Dynastar skis due to the fact that your prefer their bindings?
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I can put a Look/Rossi binding on any ski, for example, my Volkls and my Salomon both have Look bindings. Since I don't buy "system" skis, I get my binding of choice and mount it to my ski of choice. While there may be some advantages to binding systems, I think a lot of it is marketing and forcing into buying their binding or the binding of the manufacturer they have a deal with.

Luckily, Volkl sells their better skis flat, so I can put my choice of binding on their ski.
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Looks v. Markers

I've had Volkls with both Motion system and Looks, and also tried the PCOS system. As of 3 years ago, I thought the motion system sucked, and would have recommended Looks to anyone. This year I tried the AT PCOS system, and found it was really good -- light years ahead of the Motion system circa 2002.

In sum, I wouldn't necessarily pay extra for the system, but I'm not avoiding it at all. On the flip side, 3 years ago I would have paid extra for the Looks, but now I would not.

So, I now have a pair of Superspeeds with the AT PCOS system, and I'm selling my AX3s with the Looks. BTW: I sort of missed the Motion system on groomers with the AX3s.

If you want to see the history of the Volkls I've skied a lot in the last few years, here it is:
G30s, Look Pivot 8s
G31s, Markers (flat)
Vertigo Motions (G3s), Marker 1200ti/Motion
AX3s, Look Pivot 10
724 Pros, Marker/Motion Piston (AT PCOS, I think)
Superspeed, AT PCOS
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I think that if you are considering an AC4 (or an ALL*STAR), you should definitely buy it with the AT PCOS (Piston) binding only. It really makes a huge difference. Much less chatter on hard pack and groomers.
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I always had the assumption that PCOS limited the amount of rebound, as would a floating heel track. Rebound is something I've come to enjoy... and personal experience on a ski that was skied flat and with a motion (or similiar system?)
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