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Sort of skiing related Vent!

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I'm sure you all have heard the axiom "No good deed goes unpunished"

On April 15th, (yes tax day) I was leaving the ski resort parking lot and some lady backed her car down a driveway into the front of my van. Big dent in the bumper and now the bumper rubs against my right front tire at certain angles. I had just gotten off the hill after a great day of skiing, It was tax day so I didn't feel like getting this person too upset or keep her around all day. When she gave me her info willingly and admitted it was her fault (backing down the driveway) I just took her info, and called both my insurance company and hers..

I got the estimate from her insurance companies appraiser 800+ and that was with "used or Re-manufactured parts" and I patiently waited for her insurance company to contact me with resolution. I just got a call from her Insurance company that they denied the claim based on "no damage" to her car and her claim that it was not her fault! basiclly telling me she flat out lied to her insurance company so they would not put the claim on her record.
Now I have to file with my Insurance Co and will have to pay the deductible and it will go on my record as a claim filed.. Maybe they will get the money back from the other company but some how I doubt it. Thank goodness I have collision coverage.

Next time I'll make the person wait while I get a Police report filed. If the other person decides to leave the scene, I'll tell the insurance it's almost like hit and run..

I guess I could take her to small claims to try to recover the deductible but it's probably not worth my time.

That's it. Rant over..

I feel better now.

Anyone going to be at Sugarbowl this Friday? want to make some turns together?

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I'd just threaten to report her for insurance fraud and see if her tune changes. But I would also contact the police department, and explain what happened, both during the accident and after with the insurance companies and then confront them wth police in tow. I wouldn't be paying my deductible and insurance hikes without a fight.

Hopefully you still have some good skiing though.
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Any paint from her car rub off on yours? If, so it should be an easy case to resolve. even a rubber bumper may have some chrome painted trim. Take photos of your damage, have their adjuster and your company's take paint samples and insist that they work it out.

Permitted practices vary from state to state but you may be interested to know that just reporting an incident to your carrier, regardless of fault or whether you make a claim for repairs or not, can adversly affect your insurance rates. If that should be the case in CA., all the more reason to insist that your carrier fight for you. Sad but true, many people's sense of responsibility shifts when they learn what affect it will have on their insurance bill.

You can threaten to report her for insurance fraud as suggested above or pursue a "bad faith" claim against her carrier and see what happens. Sometimes these threats work. Regarding a "bad faith" assertion, it may be enough to tell the carrier that you will file a compaint with your State Insurance Department. Many states record and publish statistics on how many complaints are received from consumers each year against each of the various carriers doing business in their state. Companies often don't want to become a "statistic" and will work harder to satisfactorily satisfy a claim.

Going to Tahoe Friday afternoon. I will be skiing Saterday and Sunday. If you will still be around let me know. Anyway, sorry about you car but at least it wasn't you that got hurt this time.
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