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How to fix dings on your ski edges?

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I'm venturing into basic ski tuning and got the book and the basic tools but I'm not sure of the best way to deal with dings. The burr isn't too bad but a very small gouge is usually still there after the de-burring. What's the best way to deal with that? Take off enough edge to scrape it away or are minor gouges not an issue? My edges feel good except for those micro-holes? Any ideas? Thanks! skidoc [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Oh! how we anguish over our gear!

I am just now accepting that the low areas will have to remain. Just make sure there are no burrs sticking out!

They are only new once.

Stone the edges, Base and side
File the edges Base and side. Use Angle jigs and don't flex the file!
Stone the edges again, maintaining angles! (polishing)
Wipe the bases
Wax to your hearts content.

Ski 'em!

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Thanks for the advice. I guess I'll have to be satisfied with the little micro gouges. I'm thinking that with the average life of skis if I take off even a mm of edge to totally smooth it out it shouldn't be too bad and I may attempt it with my old skis. Thanks again, skidoc
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Just a point to watch for. I noticed that on my skis I have sharpened possibly too much. When I compard new skis edges to my ski edges I found that the metal was significantly less than the new skis. If you ride a lot of days per year on good snow this may not be a problem as the skis will break down before your edges are ground off. Few days a season and a lot of grinding and you are stealling time from skis usefulness. I will in the future be more concerned about the protrusions from the metal and less about the intrusions. Good luck finding the balance.
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Cal G,

What a great, simple explination for tuning skis. Many people here on the forum go into great detail about tuning, myself for an example, but you said all that really needs to be said in very few words. Good job. I especially like the last line " wax to your hearts content." How simple but how true.

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In past years, I was uncertain about what I could do on skis. What was me?, what was equipment? I was "learning". One of my ski mates would always ask "what wax are you going to use" as we made our evening phone arrangements. That got me in the habit of doing something.
This year I skied every week. I carried three pairs of skis and I got tired of worrying about them, but had come to know what well prepped skis feel like. They turn!
Now, I a spend about 15 minutes to tune my skis. They feel good, and the world is a wonderful place to be in. I love the time spent at the ski bench.

My daily drivers need to go see a stone, and the shops have drained their coolant for summer. The bases are high in the center and low near the edges. I am NOT going to hand sand them flat. I am not even going to file the edges or wax the bases. I am going to clean the bindings and keep the skis indoors and rust free. Next fall, I will start with "new surfaces, and wax to my hearts content.

Jim Armstrong:

regarding shortening the ski life by excessive edge sharpening. ?

It's a good excuse to get new ones!
'think of the bragging rights, if you actually filed away all the edge before abuse of the bottoms turned them into "rock skis".
For those who send their skies through the "Montana" every other week, That's a lot to pay for a poor wax job. Grinding can remove a lot of material.
I speak of hand filing and stoning. Hot waxing with the old iron picked up at the thrift store. Base flattening is a once a year thing at most.

Racers would find skies with little edge width "faster" I am sure!

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Cal G

Yah, I leave my equipent untuned until the fall. Come the end of October/begging of November I'm really looking forward to skiing. Since I can't I do the next best thing, check the bases, structure, tune and wax. Then I do all my buddies skis. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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