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New Ski Prep

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Now being the proud owner of '06 GS9's what do you recommend for waxing for their first outing in the next month?

leave em as per the factory finish for the first few runs, or treat em to a quick tune before we go. :

Snow conditions are gonna be Summer Galcier conditions in Austria as a guide.

thanks all
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Just wax. I'd want to check the factory tune before I went at it with a file.

Probably start with a hard race wax, followed by a scrape & brush .... followed by a wax for the spring conditions.
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Wax them 10 times, leave at least 2 hours inbetween each waxing. Scraping should be sufficient for the first 2 times. Afterwards just heat up the old wax again.
This would make your ski really fast.
However me personally I would not wax them more than 2 or 3 times.
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Definitely hot wax them with an iron. I've never done 10 times but I usually give them a couple waxes to help the wax penetrate the base. The material bases are made out of doesn't stick to wax very well but it is porous. It is important that you fill the pores with wax when the ski is new. The wax in the base is what later waxings will stick to.

There are two theories I've heard on which wax to use. Some say a hard wax to help protect your base. Other say a softer wax penetrates better so use it. Personally, I use red wax (25 -32) out of habit.
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I start with a hot scrape to clean them...then a cold scrape and brushing with a graphite base prep wax...then a cold scrape and brushing with whatever your daily wax is. This all of course after checking your tune...
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I would try them as is, with the possible exception of hot waxing the bases, depending on what they look like. When I got my new Kästle SG skis there was a wrapper I had to peel off the base. Maybe it varies between factories, maybe it's psychological, I don't know, but the skis never skied as well as they did that first day. Well, I just got a professional tune at the end of this season, but didn't make it out to the hill to try them. Here's hoping.
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The Swix Alpine wax manual has instructions of prepping new skis. One place to get one is www.tognar.com.
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I'd start with a very soft base conditioning wax to penetrate the most using the least heat. It allows subsequent applications to penetrate and bond to it, rather than sealing the pores against penetration like a hard wax would. Also, it melts quickly and helps protect the base from overheating if you get careless with the iron.
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