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My wife wants new skis

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First, thanks everyone for the advice on the recommendations from my earlier thread, Switching from old school to new.

Now my wife wants to make the switch too. So I guess she will be demoing along side me in a week or so.

So any thoughts-recommendations.

She an average intermediate. Won't do blacks, likes the cruzer blues. No off-piste, no moguls, etc.... 5'6" about 120-130 lbs.\
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My wife's experience

My wife is 5'5" and skied the Dynastar Exclusive 10 (158), Volkl 380 Gamma (149), and Volkl Supersport Gamma (154). She's an intermediate cruiser, no bumps, no off piste, but does like to ski fast. Her favorite run this year was a groomer below the old Cornice II chair at Squaw (see www.squaw.com).

The Exclusive 10 was easy to turn, but not as solid on hardpack as either Volkl. The 380s might have been the winner, but 149 was a bit short and we couldn't find a good deal on any 156s.

We got a good deal on Supersport Gammas, which has the same core as the 380 Gamma, but was 5 cm longer, and 3 mm wider in the tip (12m radius at 154). She likes the Supersports a lot, and even got enough confidence to start skiing more variable snow at the end of the season.
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