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The real point of the question is to get a feel for where the best skiing is to be had from one spot. For instance, living in Canmore, Alberta, a person could ski at Lake Louise, Sunshine Village, Norquay, and Nakiska, with several more very nice ski hills within a two or three hour drive. I don't know the California area very well, but I'm guessing that Truckee would be a good option. This was meant more as a "where can you get the best skiing from one locations" question than a "where does Bill Gates ski" question.
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I'd be setting up somewhere in Europe if I had to choose one location. France, italy, Austria. I wouldnt care.
Or even better, cruise Europe from season to season in a big Euro 4Wd (VW Toureg for mine). One year in Italy, another in Spain. Moving where the snow is, depending on conditions. Even move from week to week. The platinum credit card would get a working over.

Not sure if I could base myself soley in north america.

I like the idea of a 2 months in Utah/Jackson Hole/Whistler, then on to heli/cat skiing in BC, then to heli skiing in AK.

Would still live here in Oz. Just spend Dec-Apr in Northern Hemisphere.

Would also explore South America.
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Originally Posted by JoeB
Buy the old King Ridge in NH and run it as a low-price ski destination for inner-city kids in Boston, Brockton, Springfield, Lowell, etc, etc, etc. I would set it up to subsidize the price of lift tickets for those skiers by marketing the area as a place where public-spirited full-price skiers could divert their $75 Killington lift ticket cash to a small, family-oriented hill with a social purpose.

And if there were not enough of the full-price skiers to produced a profit, then, hell, who cares? After all, I won the lottery didn't I?



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I don´t hava to use my phantasy.
I can take an example of a life story of the King of the (Australian) Mountains and founder of Thredbo Tony Sponar (some of you here know he was a Czech before he fled the freshly communist country in 1949).

He hasn´t won a lottery but after years of hard work and many ups and downs he could sell a hotel he had built at such a price that he could afford some of the lottery-winning lifestyle.
He learnt sailing, bought a yacht and spent five years sailing the Pacific and the exotic islands.
He fell in love with powder (for an ex-racer and 1948 Olympian it was a new experience) and made trips to heliskiing, mostly in Canada. Left his yacht somewhere in Tahiti, took a flight to California and another to the snow. He could ski his 100 powder days till his hips (later 3 replacements) could take the burden.
(Btw, for most people in Pacific his skis were the first and only they ever saw...)

Well, this is not a dream, not a phantasy but a life story.
A good inspiration and an answer.

(The Australian skiers should read his biography "Snow in Australia? That´s news to me" ISBN 0 9590841 6 9, 1995.)
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I would spend 90% of it on skis, beer and wild women then just waste the rest.
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I was on the NYC subway back in the late 80's and I was looking at the mini billboard signs that are posted inside the car. I noticed that one sign seem a little odd. It read something like this:

'If I win the lottery, I will hire all of the (rhymes with 'oars') from Times Square for a whole week'

Somebody printed a large sticker that matched in font, style and type size to the NY Lottery mini billboard and pasted it right on top of it. I did a double take and I finally realized that it was joke. It looked very official and just like the real thing. Very well done by the prankster.

That's it, nothing really of great value...
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