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If you won the lottery...

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Where would you live? If all you were going to do was ski, where would you set up camp?

(I haven't been skiing long enough, or seen enough of what's available, to have an opinion.)
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I would purchase a medium sized condo in Jackson, a small condo in Park City, and use the rest of the money to fly to S. America/NZ/Aus during the summer months.
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If it was REALLY a big lotto, I would buy Mammoth mnt and live in the main lodge. If it is still for sale?????
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Thats easy. I'll buy a piece of mountain upstate and then build a indoor ski resort and give membership to all the addicts here for free during the summer
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First, I would hire a ski caddy.

Slopeside in Utah and a place in North Carolina to play golf in the summer. I would have a quiver of everything. My place in Utah would be big enough for plenty of guests with a combination of couples rooms and dorm rooms.
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Buy in Aspen.... large condo, small condo in Killington, small condo in Jackson and small condo at Boyne. I might need a couple of time shares just to keep the variety up. I would also have a huge quiver full of everyski I liked and then a bunch more just cause they look cool. Buy part ownership in a ski shop and put an indoor revolving ski slope in my house. I would then rack up some frequent flyer miles going to NZ and SA in the off season. I could keep going on and on about this.

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100ft yacht with a pad for an a-star. Coastal British Columbia to AK baby.
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I would just want to help the children.

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I won't buy anything that is even close to the lift served areas. As zzz, I would buy a yacht that can travel around the world and with A-star which will allow me fly to wherever there is snow. The problem I have is that one Lotto might not be enough, maybe I need several.
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That's an easy one! I would retire and spend my winters (North & South America) heli and cat skiing. Why ride used snow?
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Originally Posted by xdog1
I would just want to help the children.

Thats a good one
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Whats this "I would buy a condo here and there" crap? Sorry, too many ski areas to do that. I would take it season by season. A full season at each area. Hard to decide between N. America and Europe though. Would probably start at Monta Rosa in northern Italy, Alagna. Then, Le Trois Valle, La Grave, Chamonix, Verbier, St. Anton, Davos, Ingelberg, Cortina, and a few others. I would have to alternate from time to time to North America, Whistler, Lake Tahoe, Salt Lake City, Taos, and Jackson Hole with a few trips to Bridger. Most movements would be dictated by where the snow is.

Ewwwww, whats that nasty taste? Oh, reality. Guess I'll have to deal with Steven's Pass, Crystal, Baker, Alpental, and the occasional trip. SHEISSE!
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Maybe Klosters, near Davos Switzerland. Never been there, but if it's good enough for Prince Charles, it's good enough for me. The region is supposed to have some of the best long cruisers on the planet, like this:
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Hey with mondo cash --WHY limit yourself to a few areas ! Stay flexible and change your skiing venues like you change youe socks .

No committments only continual adventure -what the hell this is supposed to be a fantasy !!
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revelstoke or nelson or whistler
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There is a 37,000 sq. ft., 11 bed, 18 bath log structure, with a 35 car underground car port ($25,000,000.00) that I would be interested in at The Colony (The Canyons), Park City, UT.
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My kids think I've already won the lottery.
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Buy the old King Ridge in NH and run it as a low-price ski destination for inner-city kids in Boston, Brockton, Springfield, Lowell, etc, etc, etc. I would set it up to subsidize the price of lift tickets for those skiers by marketing the area as a place where public-spirited full-price skiers could divert their $75 Killington lift ticket cash to a small, family-oriented hill with a social purpose.

And if there were not enough of the full-price skiers to produced a profit, then, hell, who cares? After all, I won the lottery didn't I?

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Subsribe to the Roemer Weather Powder Alert Service, and follow the snow all winter and ski powder as much as possible. Probably do a heli trip every year as well. Would stay based here in Pa. and still ski at 7 Springs too.

Do a South American trip in July more than likely.
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I'd have my people stay on top of weather conditions and have them make all the arrangements to keep me in powder whenever I choose. Who cares where? They'll take care of it. If it's not up to my standards I'm sure I can find someone who can do the job. Maybe a Lear jet would be a good purchase.
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Originally Posted by pheft
Maybe a Lear jet would be a good purchase.
Lear-jet-skiing could be pretty exciting. Those dropoffs would really be a trip.

Personally, I'd buy A-Basin, live in the lodge, and comp myself tickets to all the other resorts in the area as necessary. My needs are simple.
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If I won the lotto, I could afford to be a ski instructor

I would not buy any property. I'd fly in corporate jets and go somewhere different every week or two. I'd land at the nearest local airport and have hired a heli to take me to my vacation rental, then ski wherever I desired. I may also see if I can get season passes to Mike Wiegle's operation. That way, when you can't fly due to weather, at least you're not sitting around alone.

In the summer, I'd live on the Chesapeake and sail.
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rancho de ryan, nuevo mexico (norte), gets built.

the bode-type motorhome for proper gallivanting and camping in the stump alley lot at mammoth come late april.

a boat on a lake.

and too much travel to even think about.
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Barolo Italy would be home.
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Originally Posted by Colossus178
Where would you live? If all you were going to do was ski, where would you set up camp?
Deja vu.

This thread has been done before. Lots of people had strange ideas about living in a caravan like a gypsy. 'Set up camp' is an appropriate wording.

Davos is a good choice, although Berne or Zurich would be just as good with the benefits of city living as well.

Or Salzburg or Grenoble....
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If I didn't win the MEGA lottery, I would buy a small chalet in the Arlberg region of Austria ($3 mil.), a small villa in the Bahamas (Abaco ...$2.5 mil) an apartment in Amsterdam on a canal.
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I know what I would like to do, but my wife might have her own ideas of how to spend the money.

The down payment on my cabin was paid for from winnings playing Bingo. I won $10,000 on my honeymoon cruise.......pretty lucky!
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After purchasing a quiver of Bamboo Fly Rods, Surfboards, Skis and Porches I would blow the rest on Single Malt and place slopeside at DV.:
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Originally Posted by Colossus178
Where would you live? If all you were going to do was ski, where would you set up camp?

(I haven't been skiing long enough, or seen enough of what's available, to have an opinion.)
So my dear best friend, what lottery did you win and where are you taking me to ski?
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Maybe move, but not far

Maybe I'd get something bigger in the Tahoe area (Sugar Bowl ?) but with a house cleaner once a week. But I'd get more equipment like new skis. Still use the duct-taped gloves and worn-out grunge gear and old Subaru. Season passes (still mid-week though) at a couple more areas. Wine cellar will be suitably stocked for weekend R&R. With the rest a little house near the beach at Carmel so the wife could have quality alone time (this would be the big $ extravagance). Travel when necessary for the opera (Wagner Ring Cycles) but the rest of the time I would be near home. Residual income would be to continue to support local charities and foundations.

Not much of a lifestyle change I'm afraid :
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