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neox 310 or neox 412?

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I'm debating whether I should get a paid of neox 310 or 412 to go with a pair of Metron M11. Is there any reason I should spend the extra money on the 412's? Being only 5'10" and 140pds would the 310's do me as much justice? I'm a cautious aggressive skier that skis any trail but won't be seen jumping off cliffs or going down narrow & life threatening chutes. So what's your advice?
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No. The 310s are fine.
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kelly001, I'm assuming that your DIN is in the 4-6 range? If so, either of those bindings would work equally well--so go for the cheaper one! You may want to get the '06 model for weight reduction...
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Yes, I believe my DIN is at 5. I'll double check tonight. But thanks, I kind of thought that the 412's wouldn't really be justified for me and you two just confirmed that feeling.
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any idea what a good price would be on a neox 310? I have the option to buy the 412's for $160 which seems pretty good.
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I would buy the 06 bindings. They are 500 grams lighter.
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Originally Posted by gordopost
I would buy the 06 bindings. They are 500 grams lighter.
True, but the M:11's are a very light ski to begin with. The 310's are fine for your weight.
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how much would the 2004/05 neox 310 go during the off season? Would i be able to find them for significantly less than $160?
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You should be able to find the 310's in the $125.00 range.
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