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Where should I look for boots?

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I know that boots are the most important piece of equipment and I want to start getting fitted. I know this might be a weird time since it's end of season. Does anyone have any recommendations for me as far as places to go? I live in Southern California (Ventura County), does anyone happen to know of places nearby or somewhat nearby? Any other suggestions are also appreciated

Thanks so much,
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Evann, I'd make two suggestions:
  1. Go up to Mammoth and check in with the team at Footloose.
  2. Go up to Reno and check in with EpicSki's own Bud Heishman
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Perfect... I'll be in Mammoth next weekend. Thanks so much!
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There is only one place to go. Claude is wonderful. You need an appointment.

Bootfitter's Name: Claude Swonger
Store Name: Ski Net Sports
Store Address: 11378 Ventura Blvd., Los Angeles (Studio City), CA 91604
Phone Number: 818-505-1294
Additional Comments:
G.Law A nationally recognized boot fitting and alignment specialist. I took my 16 year-old daughter to see Claude for custom footbeds and alignment. He spent about two hours with us and was happy to explain every step of the process. His web site also has a nice series of photos and descriptions of each step. www.skinetsports.com
Dan the bump man: G.Law above mentioned Claude at Skinet(see his post for info) Just thought I would add my 2 cents. I used to work at a ski shop for 2 years, and they did boot fitting. But not like Claude!! This guy is an artist. Highly reccomend him. He does more than just make a foot bed, he determines the best boot for your foot, ski style, weight, ski level, experience, and more. Trust me, most ski shops sell you what they want to sell you, or don't truly know how to size a boot to your foot. Claude does.
Arty50: Claude is incredible. At the recommendation of my sister (she's a top notch expert), I went in to pick up a new pair of boots. I've had problems in the past finding just the right pair, mostly due to the fact I have size 12 1/2 feet with high arches. So the constant annoyance of ill fitting boots has really held back my skiing. So I went to see Claude and was thoroughly impressed. He knows what boots will fit different shapes of feet, takes the time to make sure everything is JUST right, and his footbeds rock. He takes the time to explain how a boot should fit your foot and so you leave not just with a killer set of boots but also with the knowledge of exactly how they should feel. I can't tell you how important this is. The result was the most incredible year of skiing I ever had. I never had to worry about my feet moving around or my toes getting pinched. And the end result was that I could feel everything going on in the ski and really fine tune my skiing. It just openned up so much terrain for me.
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I second Footloose. I just recieved my new pair of Tecnica Magnesium from Tecnica two weeks ago and I too am heading up to Mammoth in the next week to have the guys at Footloose fit the boots.

If your going up there that should be your first stop. I gave an example of there expertise on another post but heres a recap.

My brother was born with Polio in the early 50's which made one of his legs about 1/2 inch shorter then the other. His whole life he had to have half ass$ orthodics made for his heal that never really worked. We are a long time Mammoth family and back in the early 80's a buddy of our's told him about these guys opening this boot speciality store called Footloose. My brother made a special trip up there and was one of the very first customers. I remember skiing with him the first day he got new boots and custom foot beds made. Very first run under chair #1, my brother literally had tears in his eyes. It was the first time in his life he skied a normal stance and run. For the rest of the day his skiing improved from strong intermediate to advanced. I wish they had video cameras back then like they do today. It would have made a great documentry. Anyways until he moved back to Europe, my brother would go in to Footloose every year for a tune-up boot and orthodics fitting.
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