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Who's skied next season's Rossi B2's/B3's?

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Has anybody skied the '05/06 rossi B2's or B3's? I'm thinking of buying a pair when they come out, and would just be interested to find out how they skied.

What is the B3 like on piste-i know it is supposed to be good off piste, but is it a good all rounder?

Also, does anyone have any pics of them?

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I skiied the 05/06 B2 a few weeks ago

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Welcome to EpicSki, Chris_5000! You might want to do a search; there have been a number of folks who have been on them. Lots of other good insights in the Equipment forums, too...
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Cheers for the link Billiam-good review and very helpful. Just a few questions for you though:

Overall, would you say that you preferred the new B2 to the 04/05 one. I think i would prefer it to be a bit stiffer than the old one (which i tested this easter) so what you said sounds good.

Also, how would you class the new B3 as a ski....would you say it is an all round ski or is it mainly aimed at off piste-how does it perform on the piste compared to the B2 (edge hold, etc.)

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I tried the new B3 a couple of weeks ago in 184 length on my last day of skiing. The conditions were spring skiing with a lot of mush.

The skis are very light and the tips got knocked around in the mush at higher speeds. I always got the impression I was riding on the edge of a serious wipeout and started skiing defensively. Very soft flexing and easy to change turn shapes but too light if you are an overly aggressive or heavy skier. The limited time(4 hours) I had with the skis I got the imression they were skis that needed a more subtle touch and don't take kindly to sudden or strong input or they become twitchy and you may end up riding fakie when it is not intended. The folks on the chairlift got a real good show when I did an unintended 180 when I pressed too hard on the tails while moving at a pretty good clip down a steep run.

It would be interesting to have tried the skis on hardpack or on fresh powder. Wimpy wouldnt be the word to use for these skis...more like 'tempermental' with a bias towards lighter and less aggressive skiers.
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I did not find the B2 as unpredictable and unfocused on a turn as GrizzlyMike did. I actuallly liked its turnability, finding it much like a Salomon in that it is very rhythmic -- I can quickly go from tight turns to bigger turns and back and the ski does what I want it to do without complaint. I think the Bandit series is a very fun ski, easy to turn, forgiving, and very versatile. But if you are a former racer, a heavyweight, a top expert, it is probably too soft and forgiving for you. But, I think this points to the market that Rossi is trying to reach with the Bandit line, that being 80% of the skiers out there. Hence you have many on this forum who love Atomic, Volkls, Fishcer, and Head and talk smack about the softer skis of Salomon, Rossi, and sometimes Dynastar and others.

On the B2 vs the B3 -- I thought the B3 is was the better ski of the two. It's about as quick and the extra width helped me in bad snow. As far as groomers/trails vs. off-piste, I think the B3 is so versatile it will not matter -- it would make a great everyday ski. A friend says a very good skier he knows has been able to ski the B3 a bunch this spring (he bought it somehow) and LOVES it. He used it at Mammoth in all kinds of conditions. A dealer (who has three guys on the B3 the last two months) is predicting the B3 (or maybe the B2) will be the "ski of the year" next season. While that doesn't always mean something, I think the piont is that many, many people are going to love the new and improved Bandit line.

For me, it is between the Dynastar Legend 8000, the B3, and the one I have yet to demo, the Volkl AC4. I want an all-mountain, all-conditions ski (or as close to that as I can get) that has a big sweet spot and will do well in crud.
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Billiam - when you find that ski please let me know, I'd like to demo it too!
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I demoed the 05-06 B2 in a 174. Sking in the Eastern US, I felt like it was too much ski for here. It hooked up well on-piste at 30mph+, but skiing 1600' vertical of dbl black was very exciting when making only 5 turns (it was stable). Off-piste, the woods are to cluttered with trees here and i felt it was not turny enough (in knee deep crusted old snow). I felt it would be a very nice ski for open off-piste skiing or glacier skiing (and of course, powder).
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Once again, the 05/06 B2 is basically the same ski as 04/05 B1. And the 05/06 B3 is the same ski as 04/05 B2, except it is a few mm wider, and is a bit stiffer.

Do I have this right?
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No. The B2 is 2 cm wider than the last B2 and a bit wider up front. The B3 is a new ski, between the B2 and the revised B3 which is now the B4. All of the line is a bit stiffer, including a stiffened nose to prevent deflection in crud. Oh, and I think the B1 remains their slalom-like ski, but I am not sure if they widened it too.
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