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A-Basin end of May?

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My friend and I are thinking of flying to A-Basin the last week of May from the East coast. Any feed back on weather it would be worth it? Any locals have any insight? I've heard that the skiing is still good. Comments?
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Skiing is still good, but it's likely that by that time there will be very little left open in my opinion. When I was there on Monday, there were a number of those telltale brown spots that you know will draw sun and melt more snow around them...

There will be skiing, but it will be ribbons, in all likelihood.
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Like Steve said, it can be down to ribbons, but in a rare year, like '95, it was full on winter. The way things are going over at Snowbird, I'd place my bets there.

A-basin currently 61" base 10" new, and more to come most of the week.

If you do the ski mountaineering thing, it looks to be excellent in the Elks, and San Juans that time of year.
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Here is a link to ski conditions in Colorado: http://www.coloradoski.com/snow/index.cfm Here is the link to Arapahoe's site.

That can help you keep an eye on things the next few weeks. We are supposed to be getting a lot of high moisture snow this week. Also keep an eye on the national forecasts the next few weeks. If Denver has cooler than normal temps it is a good bet the snow will hold up. If we get a warm spell, the snow will go faster. Lew Bob
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Loveland has reported 20" in the past four days. I think they have under-reported a little bit. It is thigh deep in spots at higher elevations.

The weather models call for fairly substantial snowfall (9-15 inches) thru Sunday. There is a big storm possibly in the works for Sunday night/monday morning.

I feel safe in saying that even if it is more seasonal by the first week of May, there will be plenty of great skiing at A-Basin during the last week of May. I think the worst case scenario would be having to download from mid mountain. The higher elevations will most certainly be in a freeze thaw cycle. If that is the case.....sleep in and ski from 10-2 after it softens.

At present A-Basin and Loveland enjoy mid winter weather and lots of powder.
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Just got home from A-basin. Had a mid-winter day with a few inches new (tomorrow might be better). It was snowing hard when I left. I was also up there Monday when they had a foot of powder. Mostly every thing was open and the rocks on the runs off Pali weren't bad. Pali was great today. They opened the East Wall for the first time time in a few days (including hike-to terrain) and it was knee deep in spots but kind of heavy so you didn't sink much. The powder was dry and silky but dense. I made good use of my Legend 8800s, they are suprisingly good in the steep bump runs off Pali.
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Loveland's reporting another 9" this morning..........gotta go!
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Got to Loveland today. What a closing day! Seems a little early for Loveland to close though.
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They are still 99% open. My son and I will be there May 23-27. Have been there the last week of May for the last 3 years. Some good (99% open). Some bad (just a few runs.) It looks like this willl be a good year, but even then things can change quickly. It is really a blast in May. Only the die-hard skiers left on the mountain.
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sunny and 90 in Denver tomorrow!
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Hey Rusty- will you be at the Basin on sunday?
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