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Number of days on the mountain this season - Page 3

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24 days at Jay Peak, VT
3 days at Kicking Horse, BC
2 days at Big Sky, MT
1 day backcountry at Big Jay (injured myself and lack of snow made that the last bc trip)
4 days snowcat skiing in thigh-deep pow at Chatter Creek, BC (near Kicking Horse)
1 evening backcountry trip at Chatter Creek, BC (after a day of skiing, you'd think we wouldn't have energy to hike and ski down!)
1 day at Keystone, CO
1 day at Breckenridge, CO
2 days at Copper, CO
1 day at A-Basin, CO

Would have liked to use the new AT gear more, but the snow here wasn't good until March. Figures that would happen the year we invested in all the new AT gear.

Now we're gearing up for kayaking, hiking and biking.

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70 days in my third season
4 at killington,VT
1 at smuggs,VT
1 at MRG,VT
1 at Jay peak,VT
1 at Okemo,VT
3 at 7 springs, PA
4 at Blue Knob, PA
55 at Hidden Valley, PA(were i rent a condo for the winter)

great season but spent alot more time on snow the first 2 103 and 106 days respectively
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Baker, 20, including hiking on Halloween to ski early powder. 3 at Whistler, 1 Jackson Hole, 2 Grand Targhee. I expect a few more days at Whistler and hopefully some summer days at Timberline or maybe Blackcomb if there is any snow left.
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18 killington (incl 2 projected by may 15 closing)
14 MRG
10 mt snow
2 magic mtn
2 jay peak
2 stowe
1 sugarbush (lincoln peak)

=49 total - 1 short of previous 2 seasons combined

sad to hang 'em up after this weekend, but my back will appreciate the time away from the bumps...
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71 then broke arm. Cast came off last week and I plan on going to A-Basin the last week of May.
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20 something but I'm not sure how many really count because the snow was so poor until late in the season in much of the PNW. Went from Montana, BC, Oregon, Mt. Baker Wa., to Tahoe in search of snow. Will probably go down to Mt. Hood a couple moretimes before I call it quits for the season.
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after skiing in the rain at squaw this weekend, i finish with 13; and i'm 1100 miles from the nearest ski resort.
timberline has been calling me, but i dont think you can qualify timberline's season as part of the 04/05 ski season; and yes i do have a skiing problem.
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I know i'm up over 120 now, but kinda lost count after the lifts closed.
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OMG over 120? How were you able to ski so much? I wish I had that many days. I miss skiing. I wanted to go one last time in March, but did not get he chance...
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Four more coming up at Winter Park.
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slatz, r u doing some hiking for this ? WP is closed now. if WP runs lifts after they close, let us in on it.
Never Summer !
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I got in 57 days. I would have skied more, but we had a terrible snow year, so the hill went to 3 day weeks in March, and closed a couple weeks early.
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Rocky-Central is doing a National Development camp in Parsanne Bowl for J4s and 3s. I'm coaching.
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