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Any Volkl experts in these forums? need to replace Volkl G20's

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I'm looking for a replacement for Volkl Vertigo G20's.

I bought 168mm men's Volkl G20's 5 years ago, and they now deserve a decent burial after 130 days of service.

I'm 5'5" 120 lbs. I ski:
- FAST on groomers.
- Lots of bumps.
- Powder whenever I'm there at the same time it is.
- Crud, but don't want to carry a really heavy ski
- and I don't want the ski to turn on me AT ALL when I'm conserving all the speed I can on a flat road (eg many parts of Vail).

Someday I may break down and get powder skis, but for now, it's gotta be all in one ski.

5 years ago, the 20/20 women's were not stiff enough for me, and the G30's were too stiff. If I'm not mistaken, I think the G2's replaced the G20's, and then AX2's and AX3's came along, and most recently, the 724 series of EXT/EXS/EXP replaced that.

I demoed the 163mm Volkl 724 EXS gamma (women's ski) this season, and had a blast. (sidecut 109-71-97, radius 15.5 m at 163 cm) Even though it was a lot stiffer than my old ski, it was stable at high speed, and the shorter length compensated in the bumps.

I think I'd be happy with that EXS, even if they're not optimal for the bumps, but I'm also wondering if I would like the new AC3's as much or better? I heard something about them being softer but more stable, and that would help me in the bumps.

p.s. when I demoed X-Screams and Bandits and 15 other skis 5 years ago, they didn't have the "pop" that Volkl's do (can you say TITANIUM?), so unless you're a Volkl afficianado who has found an even better ski, probably not a good idea to try to convert me.

Any thoughts/suggestions?

Thanks in advance!
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Take a few runs on the 5 star. It's not a powder ski at all, but it really skis well. The 724 s are alot of ski.
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Max Capacity is up on his Volkl lore.
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Max here,

It sounds like your ready to move up to the AC3. You seem alot like most of us Volkl people. I think you will find the 5stars are to stiff. I have demoed next years and felt it was a dud. The AC3 was so much more fun. Light, quick, good float in the trees, easy to ski fast in cut up 8" of fresh snow on the day I demoed them. I have the AX3 and love it. It's great in the bumps. Can't wait to get my own pair of AC3 for next season. I'm 5'11" 185lbs and ski these in 170cm. I would suggest you get the AC3 short. The 163cm may be a bit long for you. My now 18y/o son (trust me, he skis better then most) Demoed the EXP 163cm he's 5' 10" 145lbs and could not find it's speed limit. He's been clocked in SG at over 60mph. He likes a ski with a lot of POP, even a day later he said, I'm going to hate to love that ski. He's a Atomic man. He absolutlly fly's through the bumps on my AX3's, it's an amazing site. He also demoed the 06 Volkl's and love the AC4. I also skied the AC4 and liked it. But I will wait until I can demo it on a normal day here in the East before I can recomend it as a everyday ski, in the East. For you, if you want to ski in the trees the AC4 might be worth a look. But in can say the AC3 has the off groomed snow float the AX3 is lacking.

Let me know if you want more stories, it's raining outside and I'm in for the evening.

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thx Max, more stories sounds good. I just got done skiing Loveland with 27 Bears including my brother CalG, and it's time to watch Netflix, so I'm having a "chill" night.

I never skied the AX3, so can't compare. The 724 EXS is a lot wider than my Vertigo 20's, but I didn't really notice it as being "a lot of ski". I presume the AC4 is wider than the AC3 and that's why you recommend it for the deep stuff in the trees?
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My wife loves her 168 AX4s. She is 5'8" 140/ I She skis The Canyons and Snowbird. This is the perfect western one quiver ski.
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I have a couple of friends who think the AC4 could be a one quiver ski here in the East also. One (hairybones) in on the Dynastar 8000 now and we ski everywhere on the hill. He likes to fine stuff that is not on the trail map, drags me along with a big smile on my face.

cagboulder, so Calg is family. Bonnie has mentioned him, when I skied with her and skier_j, wow small world. If your serious about your skiing the AC3 or 4 is what you need to be on. The AC2 may be below where you want to be. If your lacking skills, take a lesson on the new skis.

Enjoy your summer.

One quick story. During the Feb. break on my AX3's I skied 6 runs, by a couple of minutes after 9AM. Okemo had about 4" of nice light snow over night. All day I kept saying to a buddy "these freaking things rock!"
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at that wt you will probably like the 4 star, maybe a 161 or 168....word is also that the allstar is gonna be hot....70 mid under foot ...should be more of an all mountain ski than the current supers...gonna be huge $$ tho I hear:

how about Volkl 724 exp? - there was a pair of flat 170's on ebay last night brand new for I think $229, pretty sweet deal that..
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I'm about your size, an assertive all mountain skier-- and recently got a pair of Volkl 724 Pros in 163. I love these skis! The Pros are a bit wider than the other 724s [77mm waist]-- have been great in powder, crud, groomers-- super stable at speed, & silky turns. I haven't tried the AC3s or AC4s, so can't compare. [& here in the PNW we're not talkin' champagne powder.] Last skis were Rossi Bandit XX, 170s. Also had a pair of Volkl Super Carvers I liked a lot. Good luck!

p.s. FWIW, there's a pair of 724 Pros, 156, w Marker AT on EBay for $499.99--
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Let me see if I can answer the posts and get some things clear in my mind.

Thanks all for posting! I appreciate it.

My impression is that:
a) G20’s got replaced by AX2’s, replaced by 724 EXT, replaced by AC2;
b) G30’s got replaced by AX3’s, replaced by 724 EXS, replaced by AC3;
c) G40’s got replaced by AX4’s, replaced by 724 EXP, replaced by AC4;
and that they get stiffer and wider moving from a to c. True?

If that info is true, then:

TO CANYONS who said: “My wife loves her 168 AX4s. She is 5'8 140.” - I’m concerned that would be too much ski for me, especially in bumps. And how short do I go? If she’s on 168’s at 5’8, what length would I need at 5’5? 158’s?

TO FIRSTRACKS who said: “you will probably like the 4 star .... the allstar is gonna be hot.... how about Volkl 724 exp?” – Again, I’m concerned the EXP (or AX4’s) would be too much ski. Didn’t know about the allstar. Where can I get more details? All I knew to think was the X-stars would be too stiff or narrow and curvy for me, since my goal is to master the bumps, and I hate it when a ski turns on me when I don’t want it to, yet also want it to ski powder and crud.

TO PDXSKI who said: “I recently got a pair of Volkl 724 Pros in 163. I love these skis! The Pros are a bit wider than the other 724s [77mm waist]-- have been great in powder, crud, groomers-- super stable at speed, & silky turns.” - I’m concerned they’re too much ski for the bumps. Wish I could find out the dimensions and turning radius of my old skis for comparison.

To MAX CAPACITY: Yes! Calg is family (tho he may want to deny it). And the world gets smaller and smaller the more I hang out on Epicski. Maybe all skiers know each other, within a chain of less than 7 people. And I just got a lesson from Tom Barnes and UNCLE LOUIE.
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The G20,30,40 got replaced by the G1,2,3,4,.Then came the AX skis. The Pro took the place of the AX4. The EXP is the replacement for the AX3. I like the AX3 better then my G3, but the AX3 is 7cm shorter, and lighter. The AC3 get's a different wrapping around the core. When I demoed them they felt easier to ski then my AX3's, and you know how much I love them. The AX3 is my choice for spring slop compared to my G3 177cm and Atomic 10EX 177cm 84 waist. My son's Pocket Rockets are a close second to the AX3's. The PR's may be better after lunch, but for the mornings the AX3's rock, maybe after lunch the AX3's only dance. The AC3's have better float then the AX3's, thanks to it dimensions of 116,74,106. I could be off on the tail.

The big difference between the AX3 (108,70,96) and EXP is the dimensions 114,74,104 and the POCS binding. My son feels the Turbo Piston helped keep the tip on the snow at high speeds.

You will want to go short. When I bought the G3 177cm after the G31 and G30 both in 178cm. Insturctor friends asked, "why did you buy it so long". I bought it in Feb 03. In late 03 I bought the AX3 in 170.

When I got on the G3, our first run in the bumps, friends asked, "how did you get so good in the bumps". The ski made that much of a difference. This year I have skied the G3 a few times but think it is to long in the bumps for me. It's good for the high speed day's but I'm versitale enough where I like the versitality of the shorter ski.

IMO the star skis are to stiff and not quick enough, to single minded. I know we're all different, people love the 4,5 & 6 stars.

You'll notice the Pro is gone from next years line of Volkl's, ever wonder why?
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Max, thanks for the very informative comparative Volkl history--

Interesting that the Pro's been displaced; it's been a popular all-mtn ski here in the Pac NW; maybe it's beefy enough for the Cascade cement.

& cagboulder, if bumps are your main objective, you're probably right to look for something softer--
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I spend a lot of time enjoying my skis.
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I bought Volkl gamma 724 EXT's for myself this season. I didn't demo them, but I did ask around for lots of advice before making my decision to purchase. They handled well on turns, and I made it down expert runs with no problems. The skis have only been out on a couple of trips so far, but with the long season, I am sure they will get a work out. I hope that helps a bit.
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I wondered if you had checked out the 2006 Volkl Attiva 5 stars. I got a chance to take them for a ride at the end of the season and wound up ordering them the next day. They totally have that pop in the turns that you mentioned and they were nice and light. I'm 5'8.5" and 130 lbs. and tried out the 161 cm. It was the most fun I'de had skiing in a long time. I can't wait for my skis to come some time after August.

Hope that this helps!
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Max C,

Might I ask why? It's a great ski (724 Pro). Did you ever notice that Volkl discontinued the G4. And why might that be?
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I really don't recommend the Supersport series...They're built like slalom skis. The Supersports aways have to be on edge. They turn way too fast for my taste. The ski doesn't glide on the flats.

I just bought a pair of Explosivs and LOVE them! They feel super solid. The ski is amazing for powder, crud, and bumps. They don't work very well on ice, though, but that's expected.

It doesn't sound like you you ski groomed or ice, so I think the Explosiv would be a great ski for you! From what I understand, Volkl isn't making the Explosiv for 2006, but if you can find a pair online or at a local shop, I'm sure you'd love them.

I'm about your size and am an aggressive skier.

Good luck!
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