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Chip off the ole AX3

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I noticed one of my AX3's has a chip about an inch long and a quarter inch wide off the rounded tail of the ski. There is exposed metal under the chipped off top layer. Does it need to be repaired? Can I mix some epoxy and put it on the chipped area? Do I need to take it to a ski shop?

Thanks from Mainiac

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IMO if the metal is not delaminating you have no need to worry. The top skin is just that a skin. It will not effect the way the ski performs. As long as moisture can not get under the skin or laminents you'll be OK.
Just make up some "tall tail" about some big fall in Corbets to explain the chip to your buddies... [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

You'll want to have a shop tech look at it, just to be sure.
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Hey, Max, thanks. I was really thrilled with the performance of the 170 AX3's. They are fast and worked fine wherever. And what a carver and rebound!

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