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Best time of year to buy boots?

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As a general rule, am I better off buying boots at the end of the season, or at the beginning? When am I likely to get the best deal?
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Which question do you want answered? You'll probably get the cheapest price in the Spring but increase your chances of a poor fit for various reasons so 'best deal' is certainly debatable. Early season you will find more selection, more eager staff, more qualified staff still around as opposed to burned out and on the beach or thinking of the beach.

Your best deal is the right boot for you regardless of the price.
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I'm a typical consumer: I want the best deal I can get, and I want excellent service. That's not being unreasonable, is it?

Are you saying that I'll get sub-par service at this time of year?
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Originally Posted by Colossus178

Are you saying that I'll get sub-par service at this time of year?
More likely that than top notch service but no matter what you will be dealing with limited selection/sizing. It can be worth checking things out but don't get tossing the visa around just because you're excited about a price.
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Originally Posted by L7
Your best deal is the right boot for you regardless of the price.
You're absolutely right. Unfortunately, it's hard for me to know what the right boot is. I know I'm not happy with my current boot (Nordica W8), but, as a rookie, I haven't skied in many boots, and don't really know how to pic a good one. That's why I read the bootfitter reviews with a great deal of interest. I'll be in Banff/Canmore tomorrow; if I can't control myself and start tossing my Visa around, I'll go to GS and ask for Brian, as you advise.
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More or less having just gone through this myself right now here is my two cents worth.

A couple things you have to remember.

: At the beginning of the season you will find a huge selection of boots and a full range of sizes available at a premium price. People need boots and are sucked into spending the money at the start of the season.

: New designs on boots, (skis bindings, etc..) are generally introduced to the distributors around Christmas time for the following ski season.

: Distributors usually place there orders in the late winter early spring. Sporting/skiing outlets usually place there orders mid spring to the first of summer for the following season.

So taking all that into account you have to realize that the last thing anyone wants is a boat load of product on there shelf at the end of the season.

The key is figure out the type of boot your interested in, ie competition, advanced, soft, etc... and match up information on forums like this from others, on boots that will fit your foot and skiing type. Check on manufactures and what they may have coming out new in the following year.

Once you have an idea what your looking for then its a matter of going out and finding them and then trying them on. I don't necessarily believe in buying on the spot unless the shop is willing to cut you a serious deal and/or throw in custom orthodics and boot fitting. The best thing is to find what fits you and then go on the net and see if you can find it at a better price.

The higher end the boot the harder its going to be to find at the end of the season. I just went through this with the Tecnica Diablo line.

Tecnica was replacing my exploding TNT Race Pro's with any boot of my choice. So I posted a couple of questions on some forums read loads of information and narrowed it down to the Diablo Race Pro or the Magnesium. Then I went out and tried to find them. Turns out that these two boots were not available anywere in Southern California in March, and I called about 50 shops. The one place that had even carried the Magnesium or the Race Pro line only had one pair, Mags, in the wrong size. I then got on the phone and called a couple of the speciality Ski shops in Mammoth and Tahoe, even then I could not find the boots in my size. My goal was to try them on first then let Tecnica know what I had decided. I even looked across the net and could'nt find them anywere on the west coast in my size.

I had pretty much given up until next season when I ran into an old friend who managed the ski center of a local sporting goods center. He was an old racer and knew his boots. I sat down with him, had him measure out my feet and give me his honest opinion. He had skied on both boots and had the same skiing ability as myself, and that's how I ended up getting my new boots.

Just remember that boots are the most important part of the ski equipment package. If you have good boot fitters in your area start there. If you have to travel to a resort, make sure its during the start of a season and demo out the boots your interested in. Then start a net search when you get back. Just remember the start of the season is when your going to find the big selection, the end of the season slim pickens.
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You should just demo boots for a while and get an idea of what brands or model of boots fit you best. Boots are not cheap these days and it sounds like you've already made one mistake. Demoing takes the guesswork out of the equation and you'll be able to apply your rental fee toward the purchase of your boots. I wouldn't give up on your current boots just yet. A good bootfitter might be able to make your boots work for you. Good luck, boots are the most important piece of equipment you will buy. Once you find the right ones, it will be hard for you to give them up!
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The most expensive boot is the one bought twice! I stole that line from somebody on here, I appologise. You won't be thinking about how much money you saved when you have cold and sore feet, I'd rather have a hole in my pocket than in my boot.
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When buying a higher-performing boot, expect to make a few trips back to get the boot properly fitted. Travel costs add up.
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