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Who do you pick?

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So, the FIS comes to you as part of a new experimental program. You are given 4 years, a home in the Alps, a training and travel budget, plus a nice annual salary. Your job, train the next slalom WC slalom champions for the ladies and the men. For the ladies, you have your pick of one of the following: Buffy, Nikita or Sidney Bristow. For the men, Commander Riker, Captain Jack O'Neil or Gil Grissom. Who do you pick? Yes, you get a Ferrari to drive, too.
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Well: I don't want a ferrari, Want Benz (SC600)
Buffy: I don't care if she can ski a lick shes just the kind of woman I like. (Athletic, sweet looking and real nasty underneath)
Jack O'Neil

If you were looking to team for Super g or Down hill the Male Pick would be differnt.
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Wow, is skiing season already over where you live?
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Three weeks ago.
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I'd boff Buffy
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DAMN, Nightcat!! You are a kindred spirit. Those are my three alter egos! I'll pick Nikita and Jack O'Neil.
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Strong choices, Lisa Marie! For me, Buffy is a real cutie, and Nikita ain't far behind. Sidney, well, she might end up killing everyone, coming from the psychopathic family she has. On the guys side, I'd go with O'Neil, and then Grissom--although he's such an analyst, he might drive you nuts by the end of the 1st month of training. Although my first instinct would be to send O'Neil away for "special" training somwhere and take Buffy on a trip for a couple of months through Europe with the Ferrari.....
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Can I have the Lmborghini instead? After all it has 4WD

Oh, and I'll pick Sidney, I like a challenge (and it should make it easier to outpysche the opposition!)
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Nikita. Especially if you could use that tube Michael used for "de-training" Nikita from the "Gellman Process."

Although Sydney has possibilities. Plus I seem to have a thing for psycho women anyway. :

For the man: definitely Jack O'Neill (who's a General now BTW).

You've got to be kidding with the Riker suggestion. Now if we were talking JT Kirk in his prime...

(yes, this is a sign of my season being over and my being in a Hampton Inn with insomnia after driving through that useless snowstorm around Cleveland)
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Plus I seem to have a thing for psycho women anyway. :
Blah Blah Woof Woof!
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How about Bethany Hamilton, the little teen surfer who had her arm ripped off by a shark, and is still out there competing? She's real..........look her up in about 7 years.

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Who'd want a Ferrari, when I already have a Renault?
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You're a bugout.
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