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Originally Posted by razorface
Question is: Do you want to destroy the moguls or slip through them? The Metrons are powerful, heavy skis and none of them are particularly light and nimble. They do bumps ok, but if I were to choose, I would want a quicker and lighter ski. For all-round purposes, take a look at the Dynastar Legend 8000. Fantastic allround ski. Likes to go everywhere and also at speeds. I tend to be heavily biased towards Atomic, but the Legend made an impression on me this year.
Thanks for the advice. Destroy the moguls, I think, as I said, when I'm on it, my style is to drop straight down the fall line blasting off the tops and hitting the tops of whatever moguls I can find. When I get tired, I'll traverse a little or cut through the moguls, but that's not my first choice. Course you can't blast all the time, only so much of that abuse a 44 year old body can take. I agree, I think I would be happy with a quicker lighter ski.

Among other things, I'm having a hard time finding the B5 and Legend 8000 on closeout, it appears, they are both popular skis. What attracted me to the 11's is that they have the same geometry as the B5's. I'm having a hard time conceiving that I could get used to such a short ski (162) with such an extreme sidecut. The stiffness question does concern me, my guess is that I prefer a ski with a softer shovel so I can revert to weaving through the moguls when I'm not bombing it. The relative heaviness of the 10's and their reported stiffness therefore is making me consider the 9's. Morever, while a competent skiier who can handle just about anything and I love the bumps (and deep pow when we get it), like most people I don't want to be on top of my skiis at all times, I want to be able to relax, ski with my kids and just social ski. It doesn't sound like the 11's are very conducive to this, but I could be wrong.

Whatever I do, I assume it will be a marked improvement over what I am on now. Who knows, I may be on the multiple ski quiver plan in the near future, maybe some Sugar Daddies at some point! Thanks for all the input.
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It's crunch time

Been researching the M10 vs M11 threads and now it is time... 5'-9, 170lb, high intermediate wanting a versatile ski for some east skiing, most west skiing. Prefer short turns, less speed. Novice in the powder, but always willing. Bumps are fine, but not all day. Aggressive, but controlled. The dimensions are slightly different in 05 vs 06 models so Here are the choices:

M11 at 162
M11 at 152, cant imagine a ski that short
M10 at 164
M10 at 157

Spent my skiing life on nothing less than 170's.

Hope you guys can help me get this off my plate.

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The M11 in the 162. I will go out on a limb and say you are going to get better as a skier so with that ...Get the ski for the skier you are going to be, not the skier you are.
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M10 in a 164.
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weogio, if you are going to focus on improving your technique, go with Phil's recommendation. If you are more into "coasting" and staying approximately where you are, then L7's advice is better IMO.
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Hmmmm. At 43 and less than 20 ski days/yr not sure about my desire to focus on improving. Do I hear that the M10 might be more forgiving or require less work?

Thanks guys for helping out a used to be big skier.
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Yes, the 10s are more forgiving. At your level, I think that they would be a better choice, given what you've said here (I have friends at approximately your age and level who prefer the 10 for that reason).
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Don't afraid to try the M9 either. I think they are great for intermediate skiers and pretty stiff too.
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