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Skis for my son

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I'm looking to pick up a pair of skis in the off-season for my son. He's 14 yrs 5'7" and 135 lbs (probably 140 by next winter) and an intermediate skier. Comfortable on groomed blues and some blacks but is not really carving yet. I'm looking for a ski he can grow with that will be used primarily on groomed runs. I'm thinking either the Atomic c:9 or the Fischer RX6 in 160cm. Any comments on these choices and the length would be appreciated. Thanks.
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youngsman, I think those would both be nice skis for him. You might want to go a little shorter, like 155.
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Yes, go shorter. You may want to check out skimag.com and go to there review of skis from last Sept.'s issue, or skipressworld.com Fall 2004 issue for more info. Their are a lot of good skis out there.
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youngsman, is he taking (or would he be willing to take) lessons? That will make quite a difference.
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Where do you ski. Ask him, what about twin tips? If all the skiers his age are on twin tips he could succumb to snowboarding.

If he has a home mountain it would be good to get him to hook up with other skiers his own age. My guy really enjoys being with other kids and working on skills. Its just like what we do only at their age lever. Some of these guys can really ski. They come from all over to ski. It reminds me of when I was a kid and the great friendship, the experiences - it's how skiing came to mean so much to me.
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youngsman Last year, my son was 15 yrs, 5' 4" and 110 lbs when he got 160cm Atomic C9s. He is a very good skier (the view of people who know what they are talking about rather than a baised parent), happy on black slopes etc. He really rated the C9s and didn't find the 160s to be too long.
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My son will be 16, 170, 5'8" and I will be putting him on Metron 9 or 10's for next season.
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I guess that I should put in the obligatory plug for Fischer skis. They are very well made and as bomproof in their construction as you are likely to find in a pair of skis. 155-160 sounds right.

You may want to consider gettting your son to take the lead in the search for skis with a budget (and possible veto) set by you.

He might begin with the Epic Ski Consumer gear reviews (and Epic Ski may have a new member.) There are a number of excellent ones posted.

He can read the magazine reviews for what they are worth. Ski Canada, Ski Press, Ski and others have reviews available online. Other useful review sources include www.footloosesports.com and www.gords.com. Have him look at what the lighter weight reviewers are saying about a particular model. Take him to visit several real ski shops and talk to the staff there.

A lot of the joy of aquiring new skis lies in the hunt. It will be a good learning experience for him and he will still appreciate that the skis are a gift from you.
Just my 2 cents.
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Twin tips - before he turns to snowboarding. Public Enemy, Line and others from Volkl and the like are great skis. These skis may inspire him to excellence!

My guy has a pair of Lines and a pair of Volkl 5 star. The boy can ski. He knows the Lines are less than the 5 stars but he likes the Lines. It's a spiritual thing.
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